Alonzo was born on the Grafton family farm in Champaign Co.,Oh. Jck. Twp. By 1850 his parents Thomas D. and Mary Ann (Weaver) had moved to Logan Co.,Pleasant Springs Twp., Ohio. On Feb 14,1861 Alonzo married Sallie Heath of Logan Co. Her parents were Henry Heath, b. May 22,1813 d. Sept.26,1888, and Clorinda Kerns, b. Feb.11,1816 d. March 12,1896. August 8,1862,

Alonzo now 22 enlisted in Co."E" 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in eGraff,Ohio. They were mounted infantry for one year. He was on detached duty for about 8 months doing recruiting duty from Jan. 1863 thru Aug 1863 under Major General Granger in Logan Co. He was a sergeant in Co. "E" until March 2,1865 when he was promoted to 1st Sergeant. He was in many battles of the Civil War, first in the seige of Knoxville, at Rasaca, Kenesaw Mountain and all the engagements of the Atlanta Campaign, Then he came with Thomas to Franklin, which was about the hardest fought battle that he was ever in. Then a 2 day battle at Nashville which drove Hood back across the Tennessee River. He went into winter quarters at Huntsville then thru East Tennessee where he was when the war ended. He was mustered out at Camp Harker, Tennesee on June 12, 1865 as a 2nd Lieutenant. He filed for pension on July 22,1892 in Illinois. Sallie filed for widows pension on Jan.19,1909 in Illinois.

Alonzo moved to Coles Co. Il. after the war and settled in Sec 32. This was a land grant that was given to veterans of the Civil War for their service. The piece of land that he originaly received was a little north of Sec 32 but was too wet so he traded that land for the one in Sec 32.

Alonzo was a carpenter by trade and also taught school every winter except one. He taught seven terms in his home district. In 1867 Alonzo was the Commandant Of Post 548 of the Illinois Garrison. He was 5'11 tall,dark complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. His son Harry has a dresser that he made. On Dec 14 1891 Alonzo received word from his brother Albert that their father Thomas D. had died the day before in Quincy, Ohio. I, John K. Grafton, have the telegram and a copy of his service record.

Source for this is found in Nation Archives, Washington D.C.

Sallie Heath Grafton was born in Shelby Co. Salem Twp.,Ohio, Dec 29,1838 and died March 31,1917,at Janesville,Coles Co., Il. She was the daughter of Henry Heath b. May 22,1813 d. Sept,26,1888 and Clorinda Kerns b. Feb 11,1816 d. Mar.12,1896. Grandfather; John Heath b.29 Mar,1771 m. Ester Lyon --Joseph L. Kerns b. 10 Dec,1788 d. 17 Dec,1883 and Anna Barbara Markley b.18 Dec,1797 d.22 Oct. 1868 Piqua,Oh She was married to Alonzo on Feb 14,1861 They had seven children. She had two brothers John and Joseph Heath and one sister Carrie.


  1. James T. Grafton. d. @ two years old - Neal Cem.
  2. John Kearny Grafton, b.April 26 1872; d.April 18,1953 St. Anthonys Hosp. Terre Haute,IN., buried Janesville,Il.
  3. Harry Brooks Grafton b. Nov 22, 1876; d. Nov 16, 1935
    • m. Nancy Josephine Moore Dec.3,1899
  4. Musa M. Grafton, b. April 23, 1874; d.Dec.1, 1967
    • m. Finne A. Whitacre Sept 3,1889
  5. Carrie Belle Grafton, b. Dec 22, 1863; d. April 21, 1923
    • m. Will Judson. Dec 22,1881 b. Dec22,1862 d.Apr.1,1924
  6. Mame Mary Claire Grafton, b, Mar.23,1868 d. May 16,1892
    • m. Oscar Taylor Sept 3,1889
  7. Infant daughter d. @birth

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