Coles County Cemeteries
When possible I have included GPS coordinates for the cemeteries. There are a couple different formats depending on the source. Standard Degree ( ° ), Minute ( " ) and Second ( ' ) [36° 21" 21' N] and decimal [36.44565°]. GPS coordinates are probablly the most accurate way to locate a cemetery. Driving directions are also included but may or may not be accurate. A map image ( ) after the Find A Grave link indicates that there is a map of the location on the Find A Grave site. A camera image ( ) indicates pictures.

Abbreviations Used

IGOIllinois Gravestone Photo Project
FAGFind A Grave
INInterment Net
Feature Name Latitude Longitude Links Notes
Adkins-Woodson Cemetery 392747N 0881054W FAG -
Anderson Cemetery 392431N 0880627W FAG -
Andrew Lanman Farm Cemetery -
Armstrong Cemetery 392424N 0881919W FAG -
Ashmore Cemetery
Robertson Cemetery
393138N 0880108W FAG -
Ashmore Estates
Coles County Poor Farm Cemetery
392629N 0880317W FAG -
Beals Cemetery
392245N 0881927W  
Beavers Cemetery 392440N 0880450W FAG -
Bell Cemetery 393751N 0875824W FAG -
Berry Cemetery 394016N 0880053W FAG -
Bethel Cemetery 392745N 0881646W FAG -
Boles Cemetery 39.37528 -88.32026 FAG
Brandenburg Cemetery 392407N 0880342W FAG -
Brann Cemetery 393825N 0882146W FAG -
Brooks Cemetery 393235N 0880507W FAG -
Browns Chapel Cemetery
Unity Cemetery
39.46652 -88.22127 FAG The name Unity Chapel was selected by Mattison Greenberry Brown when the church organizational meeting was held in his home in 1871, after his parents, James Young Brown and his wife, Elizabeth Ann (Glassco) Brown, had deeded one acre of land to the Trustees of the United Brethren of Christ in Charleston Township to build a church on.

Because of the involvement and close ties with members of the Brown family, the church was often called "Brown's Chapel".
Calvary Cemetery 392935N 0882232W FAG -
Campground Cemetery 392553N 0882530W FAG -
Cartwright Cemetery -
Chambers Cemetery 392945N 0881106W FAG -
Charleston Town Branch Cemetery -
Collins Cemetery 39.64552 -88.09052 FAG -
Collom-Lumbrick Cemetery FAG
Cooks Mill Cemetery FAG -
Cossel Cemetery
Huffman Cemetery
Cassell Cemetery
393051N 0881209W FAG -
Courtney Cemetery See Millier Cemetery
Craig Cemetery 393224N 0880814W FAG -
Curry Cemetery 39.42373 -88.45350 FAG Cemetery was established in the early 1830's. One enumeration of the Cemetery shows 106 burials.
Dodge Grove Cemetery 392938N 0882300W FAG
Interment Net
Doty Cemetery 392550N 0881505W FAG -
Dry Grove Cemetery 392449N 0882255W FAG -
East Humboldt Cemetery
Cooper Cemetery
393906N 0881517W FAG -
Ellington Cemetery All graves were moved to the Charleston Old Cem to make way for athletic fields for the High School
Enon Cemetery
Enon-Ashmore Cemetery
393012N 0880226W FAG -
Fairview Cemetery 393616N 0880040W FAG -
Fudge Cemetery 392920N 0881421W FAG -
Fuller Cemetery FAG -
Gardner Cemetery 393905N 0882111W FAG -
Gearhart Cemetery FAG -
Gibbs Cemetery -
Gordon Cemetery See Thomas Lincoln Cemetery
Grant Cemetery 392756N 0880602W FAG -
Hitesville Cemetery -
Huckaba Cemetery 392955N 0880759W FAG -
Humboldt Cemetery 393604N 0882004W FAG -
Humboldt Township Cemetery 39.60288 -88.34185 FAG
Hurricane Cemetery 392331N 0880807W FAG -
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery FAG -
Janesville Cemetery 392247N 0881458W FAG -
Jones Cemetery
Gibbs Cemetery
The Prairie Sleeps shows its location in the SW corner of Section 28 of Lafayette Twp.
Kelley Cemetery
Kickapoo Cemetery 392652N 0881007W FAG -
Knoch Cemetery 393511N 0880516W FAG Possibly also known as Golliday Cemtery
Lafler Cemetery 393112N 0880627W FAG -
Leitch Cemetery 392442N 0881115W FAG -
Liberty Cemetery 392637N 0880440W FAG -
Lower Muddy Cemetery 392341N 0881919W FAG -
Lumbrick Collum Cemetery 392956N 0880831W FAG -
McKenzie-Waltrip Cemetery 392638N 0880905W FAG -
Miller Cemetery
Courtney Cemetery
393208N 0880507W FAG -
Montgomery Cemetery 392627N 0881844W FAG -
Mound Cemetery 393027N 0881211W IGO
Mount Tabor Cemetery 392518N 0881220W FAG -
Mount Zion General Baptist Cemetery 39.56725 -88.46029 FAG See also Kickapoo Cemetery
Nellie Ross Hyde Memorial Gardens 39.47930 -88.34798 FAG
New Indian Creek Cemetery 392445N 0881542W See Pleasant Prairie Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery 393627N 0880240W FAG -
Oakland Cemetery FAG
Odd Fellows Cemetery FAG See - Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Old Baptist Cemetery 392524N 0882714W FAG See also Curry Cemetery
Old Charleston Cemetery 392946N 0881107W -
Old City Cemetery FAG
Old Cooks Mills Cemetery -
Old Indian Cemetery See Pleasant Prairie Cemetery
Old Indian Creek Cemetery 392450N 0881551W FAG See Pleasant Prairie Cemetery
Old Kelly Cemetery 39.45727 -88.13902 FAG Section 30, T12N, R10E South of Charleston on IL Rte 130 past the entrance to Lake Charleston to the first road on the left (Cardinal Lane). Drive two-tenths of a mile just past the top of the first rise in the road. Park near the orange colored "Buried Pipe Line" sign and a utility pole. Walk SSE up a gentle incline directly to cemetery (less than 200 feet).
Olmstead Cemetery -
Otterbein Cemetery FAG
Oterlin Cemetery 392757N 0880108W -
Parker Cemetery FAG Charleston
Parker Cemetery 392556N 0880109W FAG Hutton Township
Patsy Mitchell Cemetery 393329N 0880254W FAG Possibly also known as Golliday Cemetery
Pierce Cemetery 39.50667 -88.46417 FAG
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 393510N 0882448W FAG -
Pleasant Prairie Cemetery
Old Indian Cemetery
New Indian Cemetery
39.41238 -88.26174 FAG The ground was deeded by Ellison McCord and his wife, Elizabeth, in 1849, to "Israel Monfort, John McDonald and Theron Balch, trustees of the Pleasant Prairie Presbyterian Church, Old School, and their successors in office forever." The deed was notarized by John J. Adams. When the Old and New School Churches were reunited there was a single set of trustees. Deeds are recorded in the Recorder's Office, Coles County Courthouse, in Book L, page 382 and Book 7, page 449.
Old and New Indian Cemetery are separated by a very tiny creek. Other than right after a big rain, you can step across the South Fork of the Indian Creek to get from one cemetery to the other!
Reat Cemetery -
Reed Cemetery 393051N 0880122W FAG -
Rest Haven Memorial Gardens 392927N 0881906W FAG -
Roberts Cemetery FAG
Rosedale Cemetery 393939N 0880134W FAG -
Roselawn Cemetery 393017N 0881208W IGO
Saint Omer Cemetery 393406N 0880151W FAG -
Salem Cemetery
Giffin Cemetery
393021N 0881449W FAG Aproximately 3 miles south-east of Stringtown Cemetery
Salisbury Cemetery 392433N 0880514W FAG -
Sargent Cemetery 392448N 0880347W -
Shields Cemetery 393650N 0875754W FAG
Shiloh Cemetery See Thomas Lincoln Cemetery
Shoots Cemetery 392856N 0880419W FAG -
Smith Cemetery 393428N 0882400W FAG -
Stewart Cemetery 392629N 0880317W FAG -
Stoner Cemetery 392733N 0881432W FAG -
Stringtown Cemetery 392514N 0880655W FAG -
Thomas Lincoln Cemetery
Gordon Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery
39.38782 -88.23659 FAG -
Union Cemetery
Greasy Point Cemetery
393828N 0880629W FAG -
Unity Cemetery 392800N 0881316W See Browns Chapel Cemetery
Upper Muddy Cemetery 392425N 0881919W FAG -
Vandaren Cemetery -
Welch Cemetery 392526N 0880507W -
Wells Cemetery FAG -
Whetstone Cemetery 392634N 0880548W IGO
Whorl Cemetery -
Wiley Brick Cemetery 392541N 0880244W IGO
Willis Replogle Farm Cemetery -
Winkleblack Cemetery 393242N 0880737W FAG -
Woodard Family Cemetery FAG
Wright Cemetery 392250N 0881809W FAG -
Yocum Cemetery 392851N 0880915W FAG Cemetery is located on private property in Section 30, Township 12 North, Range 9 East in Charleston Township, Coles Co, IL. Lat 39.482978, Long -88.155499. Access can be gained only by permission of surrounding property owner, Robert Woodfall. Cemetery was previously called Endsly's Woods.
Zimmerman Cemetery 393312N 0880327W FAG -
Zion Hill Cemetery 392433N 0882634W FAG -
Zoar Cemetery 393418N 0882637W FAG -
Questionable Cemeteries
The following cemeteries are included here because they appear in one database or another but don't seem to have ever existed in Coles County. Realising that cemeteries may sometimes be known by different names in different times they are included here just in case. It has even been suggested that some may be cemetery names from surrounding counties that were mistakenly included in a database for Coles County.
Feature Name Latitude Longitude Links Notes
Bales Cemetery 392232N 0881913W -
Berea Cemetery
Bowles Cemetery Could this be Boles Cemetery above?
Combs Cemetery -
Concord Cemetery -
Dodrich Cemetery -
Drummade Cemetery Possibly Drummond Cemetery in Cumberland Co?
Embarrass Cemetery -
Fairfield Cemetery -
Freeman Cemetery -
French Cemetery -
Green Hill Cemetery -
Gwinn Cemetery FAG No listings on Find A Grave.
Indiana Cemetery -
IOOF-Rebekah Home Cemetery FAG No Listings on Find A Grave
Little Bethel Cemetery -
Maple Hill Cemetery -
Mitchell Cemetery Possibly Zimmerman Cemetery - aka Tom Mitchel Cemetery
Monticello Cemetery -
Muddy Point Cemetery -
Murphysboro Cemetery -
Oak Cemetery -
Old Curtis Cemetery -
Old Spies Cemetery -
Red Haven Cemetery FAG
Rutherford Cemetery -
Township Cemetery 393612N 0882031W -
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