Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory
of Coles County, Illinois, 1918

In this directory, the following information might be listed - wife's maiden name (but not if a woman is the head of household), children's name (including those not living at home), Post Office address, township and section living in, whether a tenant or an owner, who the owner is (if they are a tenant), amount of acres, and from what from what year they have lived in the county. And, if they have a telephone, it tells what phone service they have.

While most of the names have the above information, on some there is not as much. However, each entry does have some information that might give clues.

If you would like the complete information on anyone in the following list, just e-mail me.

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Abell, W.C. Abernathy, Earl Abernathy, Elmer Abernathy, George Adair, Mrs. Etta
Adair, E. Floyd Adair, William Adams, Ann Adams, Elijah Adams, George
Adams, Lee Adams, Martha Adams, Pete Adkins, Charles E. Adkins, Charles M.
Adkins, C.G. Adkins, Elmer Adkins, J.M. Adkins, Riley Adrian, J.W.
Agee, Amos Akers, J.B. Albright, Phillip Alexander, Cal G. Alexander, Charles
Alexander, C.O. Alexander, Earl Alexander, Mollie Alfrod, Ed Allison, H.C.
Allison, Isaac Allison, T.J. Allison, W.R. Ames, Earl Ames, Foster
Ames, George E. Ames, Hame N. Ames, H.D. Ames, John Ames, Sarah E.
Anderson, Bartholomew Anderson, B.A. Anderson, Charles Anderson, H. Anderson, John W.
Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Nelse Anderson, Oscar Anderson, Otis Anderson, P.J.
Anderson, R.K. Anderson, S.T. Anderson, Tilden Anderson, W.C. Anderson, W.H.
Andrew, C.F. Angell, J.W. Annin, Albert S. Annin, Edward M. Annin, George
Annin, Morton Apple. D.S. Arbuckle, J.M. Archer, James E. Archer, William
Arend, Henry Armes, J.H. Armstrong, Arthur Armstrong, A.T. Armstrong, C.E.
Arnold, Thomas Arthur, Aaron Arthur, George Aterburn, Edwin Asay, J.W.
Ashbrook, Elmer Ashbrook, Frank Ashbrook, J.W. Ashbrook, Otto Ashby, Mrs. J.K.
Ashby, S.A.D. Ashcraft, C.R. Ashmore, Amanda Ashmore, Bruce J. Ashmore, Elby
Ashmore, L.C. Ashworth, C.C. Ashworth, George Ashworth, M.S. Ashworth, Oscar
Ashworth, W.E. Aufdencamp, Fred Austin, William Austin, W.R. Authenrieth, Louis
Auton, Clem Aye, Vincent . . .

Babbs, Jesse. E. Bach, T.F. Bacon, Mrs. Alice Bacon, John L. Bacon, M.A.
Bacon, R.O. Bagley, A.C. Baily, Elza Bain, Burt Baird, James
Baird, R.E. Baker, Alfred Baker, L.W. Baker, O.C. Baker, Robert H.
Baker, S.J. Baker, William L. Balch, G.T. Balch, Martha Balch, R.E.
Balch, Willie D. Balch, W.W. Ball, Dick Ball, Ed Ball, Frank
Ball, Sam Ball, Wilse Ballard, W.L. Ballinger, Aril Barbee, W.H.
Barber, Fred Bareither, John Bareither, W.M. Barger, Emil Barither, Charles
Barnes, J.A. Barnes, Walter Barnett, J.W. Barr, W.M. Barricklow, Ed
Barricklow, Samuel E. Bartholomew, Lyman Bartlett, G.H. Basham, A.W. Basham, R.I.
Bashong, Henry Bass, Logan Bates, Allie Bates, Frank Bates, Mrs. Reuben
Bates, William Bates, Windsor Baty, M.O. Bays, Elizabeth Bays, H.T.
Beals, Earl Beals, Oscar H. Beals, W.F. Beam, Chester Bean, Dan
Bean, I.R. Beauchamp, Bud Beavers, Albert V. Beavers, Charles Beavers, J.E.
Beavers, Mahlon Beavers, Riley T. Beavers, Tom Beavers, Will Beck, Roy
Beck, Mrs. Sarah Becker, A.E. Behrend, C.F. Behrend, Hugo Behrend, Louis
Behrens, Fred Bell, B.F. Bell, Clarence Bell, Claud Bell, Clifford
Bell, Fraser Bell, J.D. Bell, J.H. Bell, J.W. Bell, W.A.
Bennett, Allen Bennett, A.E. Bennett, Banner Bennett, Don R. Bennett, Edgar
Bennett, Harry S. Bennett, Ivan Bennett, I.H. Bennett, Rufus Bennett, Zollie
Bensley, Charles Bensley, Frank Berry, E. Berry, R.V. Berry, W.H.
Best, John Best, Owen Best, Robert L. Best, R.F. Bettis, N.F.
Bidle, Charlie Bidle, George Biggins, Ezra Biggs, George Biggs, James
Birch, C.S. Bird, Arthur Bishop, Charles Bishop, George W. Bitner, Joseph D.
Bitner, J.C. Bjurstrom, Charles Black, Joe Black, John W. Black, Roy
Blair, John Blagg, Clyde Blagg, Grover Bloch, Archie Block, Fred W.
Blomstrom, A.R. Blume, A.H. Blume, Louis Behlander, Frank Bohlander, L.W.
Bolin, Frank Bolin, J.A. Bolin, J.E. Bolin, M.G. Bolin, W.H.
Bolton, Albert N. Bond, W.E. Bosler, T.D. Bowen, J.J. Bowling, Sam
Boyd, Harry Boyd, J.T. Boyd, M.D. Boyer, Calvin L. Boyer, E.E.
Boyer, O.D. Brackin, David Brading, Carry Bradford, Fred Bradley, C.E.
Bradley, James Brady, Nora Bragg, H.L. Brandenburg, Arch Brandenburg, Will
Brant, Aaron Brant, J.A. Brashears, Marion Bray, Wilmer Breding, Leute
Brewster, J.M. Brewster, T.F. Bridges, J.S. Briggs, Orval Brining, G.A.
Brooks, Henry Broson, O.E. Brotherton, J.L. Brotheton, W.M. Brown, A.M.
Brown, C.C. Brown, C.M. Brown, D.J. Brown, Edward S. Brown, Elmer
Brown, Emory Brown, George Brown, H.F. Brown, Jerry Brown, John
Brown, Latoska Brown, M.G. Brown, Oscar Brown, R.T. Brown, T.A.
Brown, Wilbur Brummett, Marjorie & Nan Bruning, Thomas Bryant, A.M. Bryant, Charles E.
Bryant, John Bryant, M.C. Bryant, Robert Bryant, W.H. Buckler, Edward
Buckner, Albert Buker, I.C. Bulla, A.V. Bullard, J.U.C. Bunday, Albert
Burgess, Clarence Burgess, Turley Burgner, Morris Burgner, O.H. Burke, Andrew
Burks, C.C. Burry, Albert D. Buser, Henry Bush, David Bush, L.N.
Butler, Allen Butler, A.C. Butler, Byron Butler, Lee Butler, Preston
Byers, J.W. . . . .

Cain, Malcolm Cain, Robert Calger, Andrew Calger, Lewis Callahan, W.W.
Callaway, Jeremiah Campbell, Aaron Campbell, B.L. Campbell, C.L. Campbell, D.B.
Campbell, Edward Campbell, Frank Campbell, Grover Campbell, I.B. Campbell, James
Campbell, L.C. Campbell, M.W. Carlen, Ira Carlyle, Mrs. F.F. Carman, F.
Carnahan, D.C. Carnes, H. Carnine, Chester Carrington, Clay Carter, Charles
Carter, J.E. Carter, J.M. Carter, J.W. Carter, Larb H. Carter, Noble
Carter, W.M. Carwell, T.A. Cashat, John Cassaday, Alma Cassaday, Dan
Cassaday, J.M. Cassaday, Marion Casstevens, E.N. Cavins, E.C. Cavolt, Arthur
Center, Gillie Chamberlin, F.W. Chambers, Edwin Champion, Harold Champion, Horace
Champion, R.E. Champion. W.M. Chaney, William Checkley, J.G. Cheesman, J.M.
Childers, John Childress, Charles Childress, Isaac Childress, J.A. Childress, Miss Martha
Childress, Orville Childress, O.J. Childress, W.T. Chisler, A.W. Chisler, W.A.
Chism, A.D. Chidsm, Bass Chism, Ross Clabauch, Nelson Clancy, J.M.
Clapp, Michael Clark, A.B. Clark, Dive Clark, E.W. Clark, Loyd
Clark, Ray Clark, Sarah Clarke, Joe Claxon, James Clayton, H.P.
Clinard, T.E. Coan, Peter Coartney, Harry Coartney, Irvin Coartney, I.G.
Coartney, M.J. Coartney, S.C. Cobb, Albert Cobb, J.E. Cobble, C.D.
Cobble, D.S. Cobble, James Cochran, Charles Cochran, Mack Cofer, J.C.
Coffey, W.C. Cole, Clyde Cole, E.M. Cole, Steve Cole, W.F.
Coleman, Elmer Coleman, Elza J. Coleman, G.C. Coleman, G.L. Coleman, Tom
Collins, H.H. Colman, George colman, Guy Combs,Earl Combs, O.M.
Colmer, Hugh Conard, John Conley, Alex Conley, Clarence Conley, Joel
Conley, J.E. Conley, Lucinda Conley, Oscar L. Conley, R.E. Conlin, Ed.
Conlin, Henry Conlin, Jerry Conlin, John Conlin, Tom Conlin, Will
Connell, Edward Connelly, O.V. Conrad, John, Jr. Cook, James A. Cook, J.F.
Coon, Clarence W. Coons, Frank Cooper, T.F. Corbin, Ed. Cordes, Louis
Corzine, J.R. Cottingham, L.L. Cottingham, Neal Cottingham, W.E. Courtney, A.S.
Courtney, Ceif Courtney, I.J. Courtney, Jess Courtney, Jess Courtney, Joseph
Covalt, J.J. Cox, Adam Cox, Benjamin Cox, Charles A. Cox, Claude
Cox, Earl E. Cox, Ernie Cox, James R. Cox, J. Leland Cox, Lenley
Cox, L.C. Cox, Mrs. Mary Cox, Sol Cox, Stephen C. Cox, Taylor
Cox, William Coyle, F.C. Craig, Anderson Craig, A.L. Craig, Frank
Craig, J.E. Craig, L.E. Craig, Oscar Craig, R.O. Craig, T.D.
Cramer, Bailes Crawford, r.v. Creiston, Frank Creviston, John Creviston, Susan A.
Crispin, Jess Crispin, J.J. Crispin, Thomas H. Cronch, D.B. Cross, Harry
Crow, Sam Crowder, Nancy Crist, Louis Crummet, David Cummins, Eli
Cuppy, Elzzie Curry, D.W. Curry, Harry Curry, John H. Curry, J.R.
Curtis, William W. Curtis, W.A. Cutler, B.F. Cutler, B.S. Cutler, Carson
Cutler, N.T. Cutright, Earl Cutright, Hosea . .


Dailey, Albert Daily, Albert Daily, C.C. Daily, David Daily, Doc
Daily, Harry Daily, James Daily, John Daily, J.F. Daily, Lafayette
Daily, Lawrence Daily, L.E. Daily, Walter Daily, W.R. Dallas, G.H.
Dallas, John W. Dallas, J.R. Dallas, Marion Dallas, Sam Dallas, Vernon
Daniels, C.L. Daniels, John Darling, Logan Darnblaser, P.H. Daugherty, B.F.
Daugherty, Edward Daugherty, Frank Daugherty, James B. Daugherty, John Daugherty, Joseph
Daugherty, Myrt Daugherty, Samuel Davies, G.C. Davis, Alva Davis, Charles M.
Davis, Charles R. Davis, C.W. Davis, David Davis, E.W. Davis, F.T.
Davis, George R. Davis, Green Davis, Harmon A. Davis, Harrison A. Davis, Herman
Davis, John W. Davis, leonard Davis, Oscar Davis, Sam Davis, Walter
Davis, William Davis, W.H. Dawlhitt, R.W. Day, Charles W. Day, Robert W.
Day, R.M. Deal, S.J. Dean, J.W. Decar, Oscar Decker, S.J.
Defenbough, John Defenbough, Wallace Degler, G.F. Dejernet, James Dennis, E.B.
Derer, J.E. Devore, Frank Devore, J.W. Devore, William Dewar, Louis
dick, A.V. Dick, Mrs. Elizabeth Dick, Frank Diehl, T.J. Dilworth, W.I.
Ditzenberger, Jess Dixon, W.J. Doan, G.S. Dobbs, W.H. Dole, Minshall
Dole, W.E. Dollar, John Dollar, R.D. Donnell, Thomas Ray Dora, John F.
Dorris, S.E. Dotson, J.C. Doty, E.A. Doty, Frank Doty, Garrett
Doty, Mary G. Doty, Oliver Doty, Orvil Doty, Roy Douglas, Minor
Downey, Samuel J. Downey, Tom Downey, Earl Drake, H.B. Driscoll, John
Driscoll, Joseph Driscoll, J.J. Drum, Ira Drum, J.B. Drum, R.C.
Drurey, Franklin E. Dryden, J.A. Dryden, O.S. Dubes, R.T. Duckman, Henry
Duckworth, Archie D. Dudley, J.E. Duensing, Louis Dukeman, Bud Dukeman, James
Dukeman, Louis Dukeman, roy Duncan, James Duncan, J.R. Dunifer, O.E.
Dunn, Claude Durbin, Joe Durham, Everett . .


Eads, Earnest Ealy,Bert Ealy, J.A. East, Della East, Margaret
East, Tillman Easton, Clarence Easton, C.N. Easton, Eros Easton, F.M.
Easton, C.W. Easton, Harvey Easton, John Easton, Charley Eaton, Ed.
Eaton, George Eaton, Homer Eaton, Scott Edgar, William T. Edwards, J.W.
Edwards, Ora Elliot, Edd Elliott, Fred Elliott, George T. Elliott, Lee
Elliott, William Ellis, Earl Ellis, Lee Ellis, O.C. Ellison, Arthur
Ellison, Frank Ellison, Jesse Ellison, L.C. Ellison, Walter Endsley, Carlos, M.
Endsley, Clifford Endsley, Roy Endsley, T.B. Endsley, T.L. Endsley, W.M.
Ennis, Elmer Ennis, William Ensley, W.I. Ernst, Clarence Erwin, M.O.
Estell, C.S. Etnire, Henry Eubank, J.O. Evans, Harriet Everette, Edward
Everhart, Charles Everheart, Mike Ewing, C.M. Ewing, I.H. .


Fancher, Burt Faris, Thomas C. Farrar, J.P. Farrar, Foscoe Farrell, John
Farrell, Mary Farris, Albert Farris, Harlan L. Farris, T.J. Fears, J.W.
Fender, W.C. Fergerson, A.M. Fergerson, J.R. Ferguson, Abraham A. Ferguson, Emory
Ferree, Bronzo Ferree, J.B. Ferris, Charles Ferrish, Gus Field, David E.
Field, T.H. Fischer, Charles Fischer, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Alvik Fitzpatrick, Dan
Fitzpatrick, George Fitzpatric, A.T. Fitzpatrick, E. Tom Flemings, Charles Flemming, John S.
Flemming, W.E. Flenner, A.W. Flenner, C.M. Flenner, Martin Flesher, Burlin
Flesher, Elza Flesher, T.J. Fleshner, Charles Fletcher, C.A. Fletcher, Ora
Flood, James Floyd, Dave Floyd, James Foltz, Andrew J. Foltz, Ernest
Foltz, E.H. Foltz, F.M. Foltz, Grant Foltz, W.H. Foot, Bert
Foreman, Milton Forman, G.E. Forman, I.P. Fortner, Andrew Foster, John
Fowler, George Fox, John Fox, John, Jr. Fox, Zach Franklin, Melvin
Frantz, I.L. Frazier, Chester Frazier, John Frazier, J.W. Freeman, W.C.
Freesh, R.P. Friddle, Irvin Friddle, J.R. Fritter, Fred Frye, Walter
Fudge, Ed Fugate, Frank Fuller, Bucker Fuller, Ed Fuller, Ira
Fuller, Jes Fuller, J.S. Fuller, Lewis Fuller, Russess Fulton, John
Funkhouser, C.B. Funkhouser, Evert Funkhouser, Field Funkhouser, W.T. Furgeson, F.J.
Furness, John Furry, Leonard Furry, W.E. Furste, Henry .


Gaiser, Joseph E. Galbreath, A.R. Galbreath, Joe Galbreath, Loy B. Galbrith, James A.
Gammill, Elmer Gammill, G.E. Gammill, J.S. Gammill, Sam Gammill, W.L.
Ganaway, M.S. Ganley, George Gannaway, W.F. Gano, Peter Garner, D.S.
Garner, Earl T. Garner, John Garver, Fred Garver, G.P. Garver, Louis
Garver, J.W. Gasaway, W.A. Gass, Gerome Gasway, Fred Gebhart, Henry
Gee, James Gibson, O.L. Gibson, S.A. Giffin, Erson Gilbert, Harry
Gilbert, Henry Gilbert, J.W. Gilbert, S.N. Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Toss
Gillespie, Clyde K. Gillman, H.T. gilmer, A. Glassco, Walter E. Gobert, Fred
Goble, Albert Goble, C.W. Goble, Earl Goble, Joe S. Goble, J.S.
Goble, L.G. Goble, Orrin L. Goble, O.B. Goble, Wilbur Goff, J.F.
Gofin, Nance Golladay, M.J. Golladay, W.B. Golliday, G.O. Golliday, Joe
Goodman, C.M. Goodman, Walter Goolman, W.R. Goor, J.W. Gordon, A.C.
Gordon, A.W. Gordon, Blaine Gossett, Harry Gossett, Luke Graham, D.
Graham, Henry Graham, John Graham, Mrs. J.E. Graham, S.E. Graham, W.A.
Grant, Joe Gray, C.E. Gray, C.J. Gray, D.L. Gray, F.M.
Greathouse, R.A. Green, Clyde Green, E.E. Green, John W. Green, Joseph
Green, J.B. Green, Marion Green, Roland Green, Mrs. Winnie Greer, D.G.
Gregg, John Griffin, J.B. Griffith, Charles H. Grimes, Andrew R. Grimes, Ellis
Grimes, G.F. Grimes, J.A. Groniger, L.J. Grooms, Russell Groves, J.T.
Grubb, Charles Guill, Foster Gwin, Cora Gwinn, Warrick .


Hacker, Elmer Hackett, John Hackett, W.E. Hackley, James L. Hackley, John M.
Hackley, Verner Hafill, George O. Hall, Abe L. Hall, C.S. Hall, Frank
Hall, Gregg Hall, James Hall, J.A. Hall, Nancy A. Hall, Orastes
Hall, Square Hall, Thornton Hall, Willie F. Hallock, J.H. Hallock, L.L.
Hallock, L.S. Hallowell, Fremont Halsey, G.C. Halsey, John H. Hamblen, S.F.
Hamilton, Clarence Hamilton, Ed. A. Hamilton, J.H. Hamilton, J.L. Hamilton, Mrs. Lola M.
Hamilton, W.H. Hance, Joe Hand, J.N. Handley, C.O. Handley, William
Handrahan, John Handwerk, Albert hanley, Harrison Hanner, Lawrence Hanner, O.N.
Hanner, Roy Hanner, W.R. Harden, W.B. Hardway, F.M. Hardway, J.W.
Hardwick, Perry Hargis, G.W. Hargis, H. James Harm, Earl Harman, G.C.
Harman, Paul R. Harper, N. Harper, S.W. Harpin, A.P. Harrah, B.F.
Harrington, John Harrington, Peter Harris, T.J. Harris, W.O. Harrison, G.M.
Harry, Clinton Harry, Mark Harshbarger, Harry Harshbarger, Roy Hart, A.Y.
Hart, H.H. Hart, L.H. Hart, M.C. Hart, O.S. Hartford, William R.
Hartman, T.E. Harts, William Harvey, Byron Harvey, W.F. Harwood, Frank
Harwood, R.P. Harshbarger, Jacob L. Hatfield, P.M. Hawkins, Charles Hawkins, W.J.
Haybrook, Chester Haybook, Hammon Hayden, W.M. Hayes, Frank L. Hays, M.S.
Heath, Clarence Heath, Harry Hedden, Charles Hedden, C.H. Hedden, James
Hedden, R.L. Hedden, William Hedges, P.L. Hedrick, George Hemminger, Beavin
Henderliter, Will Hendrick, Frank Hendrick, H.H. Henley, John L. Henry, Elisha
Henry, Joe Henry, L.B. Henton, George Henton, John Herman, Albert
Herman, Bert Herman, C.C. Herman, C.R. herman, S. Herschal, Lewis
Hertreiter, Jacob Hickenbottom, Hugh Hickey, C.C. Hicks, C.J. Hidy, H.C.
Highland, French Highland, Robert Highland, Thomas Hildreth, Albert Hildribrand, Joseph
Hilgenberg, Joseph Hilgenburg, John Hill, Frank Hill, H.F. Hill, James R.
Hill, John C. Hill, J.W. Hill, Mrs. Maude Hill, Millard Hill, N.B.
Hill, Richard Hill, W.E. Hill, Z.T. Hines, Thomas Hinton, N.E.
Hite, Earl J. Hite, J.B. Hite, J.E. Hite, Marcus Hite, M.A.
Hite, Will Hix, James O. Hodge, Abe Hodge, M. Hoferkamp, Henry
Hoferkamp, Herman Hogland, Ernest Hogue, Harland Hogue, J.W. Holland, C.A.
Holler, Grant Holtgrewe, C.F. Holtgrewe, W.J. Holz, Fred Homan, A.F.
Homan Bros. Homan, Harry Homan, Henry Homann, Charles Homann, Earnest
Homann, E. Homann, Fred Homann, G.H. Honn, A.C.B. Honn, A. Ray
honn, I.F. Honn, John F. Honn, W.K. honnald, Alva D. Hood, Anna
Hood, J.F. Hood, Luke H. Hood, William H. Hoop, J.E. Hoopingarner, Charles
Hoopingarner, S. Hooten, C.E. Hoots, Leonard S. Hopper, J.S. Hopper, Perry
Hopper, W.M. Horn, Glenn Horn, J.M. Hornbeck, Frank hortenstein, Frank
Houchin, Frank Houchin, Grover Houchin, S.D. Housel, Elmer Houts, Albert
Hovious, S.D. Howard, J.M. Howard, S. Howard, William Howell, Jesse
Howell, S.W. Hubbartt, J.E. Huber, George Huber, John E. Huber, Kate
Huckabe, Oscar Huckstadt, Fred Huddleston, C.V. Huddleston, Elizabeth Hudson, Roy
Huffman, John T. Hughes, Allie Hughs, Al Hughs, Jefferson Hull, Lawrence
Hultz, Charles Humes, C.D. Humphrey, Margaret E. Hunt, Ellison Hunt, James
Hunt, Jestine Hunt, L.C. Hunt, Saphleigh Hunt, S.W. Huntington, M.H.
Hurst, A.J. Hurst, Harry Hurst, William Hushour, Joe Hutton, Bunda
Hutton, Elbridge Hutton, J.A. Hutton, O.B. Hutton, William Hybarger, Chester


Icenogle, Tom Iams, A.B. Ingel, Arthur Ingle, Charles Ingle, Ed
Ingle, J.A. Ingram, A.C. Ingram, A.S. Ingram, Claude Ingram, Elizabeth
Ingram, Elza Ingram, Leonard Ingram, M.S. Ingram, Oscar Ingram, Thomas
Ingram, T.A. Irby, Sam Irving, J.C. Isley, S.M. .


Jackson, Stephen N. Jackson, Stonewall Jackson, William James, A.A. James, Ben
James, Boyd James, Joy T. James, R.A. Janes, Elmer Janes, George
Janes, Lassie Janes, T.F. Jarrett, M.A. Jenkins, Bert Jenkins, B.F.
Jenkins, Charles Jenkins, James E. Jenkins, John H. Jenkins, J.A. Jenkins, Lafayette
Jenkins, Matthew Jenkins, orvis Jennings, Stephen Jennings, W.C. Jinkins, O.C.
Johns, Glenn Johns, Howard Johns, James Johns, J.J. Johns, W.H.
Johnson, Alford Johnson, Arthur Johnson, C.F. Johnson, C.W. Johnson, Rabe
Johnson, William Johnson, W.P. Johnston, E. Jones, Alway Jones, Emma
Jones, Daniel F. Jones, Frank Jones, Fred Jones, F.J. Jones, George
Jones, Harvey B. Jones, James Jones, John P. Jones, J.T. Jones, J.W.
Jones, Robert Jones, Stanton Jones, T.W. Jones, W.D. Jones, W.E.
Jones, W.H. Justice, Charley Justice, George Justice, John .


Kane, Dan Kane, Robert Kastl, George Kearney, B.T. Kearns, L.C.
Kearns, Walter Keigley, J.A. Keigley, W.L. Keller, John T. Kelley, Patrick
Kelly, Carl Kelly, Harry E. Kelly, T.J. Kemper, R.E. Keran, Clive S.
Kerans, James R. Kessinger, T.L. Kester, J.W. Key, William C. Keys, Frank
Keys, Oscar Kibler, Stanley Kimbell, Elmer Kimbell, Gordon Kimbell, James M.
Kimbell, John Kimbell, W.O. King, John King, Roy Kingry, Perry F.
Kissell, Raymond Kissling, Anna Kite, L. Klepsig, John Knapp, Walter
Kniernim, W.M. Knight, Charles Knight, C.R. Knight, Riley Knights, T.D.
Knock, Jack Knollenberg, Fred Knollenberg, Henry Knollenberg, R.F. Knollenberg, William
Kolbus, William F. . . . .


Lacy, Oliver Lafferty, O.A. Lagrand, Walter Lamasters, J.O. Lamb, Frank
Lambert, Richard Lamphier Bros. Lamphier, Fred Lamphier, Henry Lamphier, H.G.
Lamphier, J.W. Lamphier, V. Landman, L.T. Landon, Earl Landon, H.R.
Landres, Taylor Landreth, Ed. Landrum, A.T. Landrus, R.T. Lane, B.F.
Lane, H.L. Lang, James Lang, Louis A. Lang, M.G. Lang, N.
Langston, H.P. Lanman, Luther Larrabee, R.A. Law, H.S. Lawhorn, Bob
Lawhorn, George Lawless, Hiram Lawrence, Asa Lawrence, Clarence Lawrence, V.R.
Lawson, J.H. Lawyer, Arthur Lawyer, Atwell Lawyer, E.T. Lawyer, Harry
Lawyer, Mrs. Jake Lawyer, John W. Lawyer, Oscar Lawyer, Phillip A. Lawyer, Roy
Lawyer, W.F. Lawyer, W.H. Layton, Claud Layton, C.H. Lebrecht, F.J.
Lee, Alvie Lee, Clarence Lee, Dessie Lee, Rector LeGrand, Lawrence
Leitch, Grant Leitch, Joseph Leitch, Mrs. Nannie Leitch, Rufus Leitche, J.C.
Leitche, Robert Lemar, Benton Lemaster, B.W. Lemons, Lee Level, John
Levitt, Alva Levitt, William Lewis, H.S. Lidster, A.B. Light, John
Lilly, B.M. Lilly, Sam Lilly, William, Sr. Lilly, William, Jr. Linder, John H.
Linder, Nathan Lindsey, Warren Lineberry, William H. Lions, William Lippencott, Joe
Lippencott, Martin Litwiller, A.D. Lockhart, C.E. Long, Mrs. Ellen Long, George
Long, J.R. Lorne, J. Louthan, C.F. Louthan, C.H. Louthan, G.T.
Louthan, H.M. Louthan, John W. Louthan, J.W. Louthan, Walter E. Louthan, W.E.
Louthan, W.J. Lovejoy, A.W. Lovell, C.S. Levell, George W. Lowmaster, S.W.
Lowry, B.F. Lowry, J.W. Lucas, John Luedke, Charles Lumbrick, James
Lundy, Noah Lutz, John L. Lyons, William . .


Macke, Henry Macklin, B.L. Madison, G. Major, W.S. Malcom, H.A.
Malcom, Loren C. Mann, E.W. Mapes, I.C. Mapes, Jess F. Maples, G.B.
Marry, Nick Marshall, James Marshall, J.C. Marshall, Lewis M. Martin, Charles W.
Martin, Claude Martin, C.W. Martin, D.H. Martin, Ernest Martin, Eugene
Martin, J.J. Martin, J.S. Martin, Nelson Martin, Ray Mason, Ed.
Mason, J.F. Mast, Jonas Mast, M.J. Matheny, T.A. Mathews, H.B.
Matthews, Arthur Matthues, A.F. Maus, Cleo Maxey, George W. May, Eugene
May, Grant Mayhew, C.A. McBride, John McComas, Crowell McConnaha, E.J.
McConnell, Hugh McCord, Ira McCord, W.H. McDade, F.V. McDavitt, L.L.
McDivitt, Mrs. Caroline McDivitt, Paul McDonald, J.T. McDougal, W.C. McDougle, Charles
McDougle, Dan McElway, Stephen McElwee, C.H. McGahan, Jerome McGahan, W.A.
McGahey, M.D. McGinnis, Julia McIntyre, Ed. McKenzie, Emory O. McKenzie, James
McKenzie, Miller McKinney, John McLain, W.M. McMillen, W.M. McMorris, John
McMorris, J.L. McMorris, W.H. McMullen, Allie McNabb, A.B. McNamer, Will
McNamier, Edd. McNary, Charles McNary, Frank McNary, Howard McNeal, W.R.
McNeal, Mary McNeel, Mrs. Rose McNeel, Craig McNutt, C.J. McNutt, Fred
McNutt, J.A. McNutt, Roy McPharon, H.E. McQuinn, W.A. McQuown, William F.
McTaggart, John McWilliams, Len Mead, John Mead, William Meese, James
Melburn, Fred Merritt, Ivory W., Jr. Meyer, August Meyer, Fred Meyer, Gustav
Meyer, Herman Meyer, Otton Meyers, W.e. Michael, D.A. Michael, Ross
Michael, Sharah Michael, Wilfred Michael, W.H. Michaels, Charles Michaels, O.E.
Milburn, C.E. Milburn, John Milburn, John Millage, Allie Millage, Grover
Millage, John Millage, Walter Millar, H.L. Miller, B.A.E. Miller, Mrs. C.J.
Miller, F.H. Miller, George L. Miller, Grant Miller, H.E. Miller, James
Miller, J.F. Miller, J.G. Miller, J. Walter Miller, Marion Miller, Robert C.
Miller, S.C. Miller, Wayne Miller, William Miller, William Mills, Edgar
Milton, Roy Miner, Charles Mingus, Bion Minor, Charles E. Misenheimer, O.O.
Mitchell, J.C. Mitchell, J.F. Moffett, A.J. Moffett, J.A. Moffit, Burley
Mohlenhoff, Fred Mohlenhoff, George Mohlenhoff, Henry Mohlenhoff, Herman Mohler, E.H.
Moler, A.J. Molton, Mrs. Laura Montgomery, A. Montgomery, George Montgomery, H.H.
Montgomery, L.F. Monts, Grant Moody, Chance Moody, S.A. Moody, W.E.
Moon, John Moore, Charles Moore, N.A. Moore, Rodney Moore, Wilbur
Moore, Willard Morgan, A.J. Morgan, Alonzo Morgan, James Morgan, Patrick
Morgan, T.W. Morgan, William Morris, B.C. Morris, E.J. Morris, J.S.
Morris, Michael Morris, William Morten, William Morthland, D.E. Motley, J.W.
Muessman, H.H. Mullen, Hiram Mullins, Charles F. Munson, George J. Munson, Hale C.
Murphy, H.A. Murphy, Michael A. Murphy, Will Myer, J.W. Myers, Charles
Myers, Jake Myers, Rush Myers, Walters . .


Nash, A.W. Nash, Peter Nash, O.C. Nation, G.F. Neal, C.C.
Neal, James Neal, Owen Neer, William Nees, H.S. Nees, John
Neff, Charles Nelson, D.N Nelson, J.W. Newberry, Roy Newbey, Ed
Newby, Frank B. Newby, Mrs. Rhoda Newby, T.E. Newell, Henry Newell, Mrs. Thomas
Newman, Buel Newman, B.L. Newman, C.J. Newman, George M. Newman, W.O.
Newport, Eli Nicholas, W.C. Nickell, C.D. Nickell, H.M. Nickles, J.S.
Nickson, Guy Niemeyer, Carl Niemeyer, Ed. Niemeyer, Walter Niemeyer, William
Niemeyer, W.C. Nixon, Charles Noble, Clyde Nock, John Nolan, Thomas F.
Nolan, William Nolan, William Nolta, George Nolte, August Nolte, Fred
Nolte, Henry Nolte, Walter Norton, L.D. . .


Oakley, J.H. Oakley, O.C. Oakley, Robert C. Oakley, W.M. Odell, C.R.
Odell, Jesse W. Ogden, James O'Hair, Alla O'Hair, A.L. O'Hair, H.Z.
O'Hair, J.F. Oliver, G.W. Oliver, Louis Orcutt, A.W. Orndorff, Jess
Orsborne, Estill Osborn, F.L. Osburn, Steve Overton, Harry Overton, Miles
Overweiser, Gus . . . .


Park, G.F. Page, Alfred Paker, F.R. Pardieck, C.W. Pardieck, F.H.
Park, Everett Parker, A.D. Parker, Howard Parker, Levi Parker, Levi
Parkes, Caleb Parkison, J.C. Partlow, Sylvester Partwood, Earnest Patrem, Charles E.
Patrick, Marshall E. Patterson, F.T. Patterson, R.E. Patterson, W.E. Pattin, L.P.
Patton, Elmer Patton, Mrs. Margaret A. Payne, Clem Payton, W.F. Payton, W.J.
Pearce, E.B. Pearcy, Frank Pearcy, J.W. Pearcy, O.O. Pearson, A.A.
Pearson, C.H. Pedigo, Ella Pedigo, Finley Pedigo, Ivan Pedigo, John E.
Pendergast, John Pennell, J.C. Pennington, Samuel D. Pepperdin, George Pepperdine, Robert
Pepperdine, W.H. Perkins, J.O. Perring, Neal Perry, Earl Perry, F.L.
Perry, L.H. Perry, O.R. Peters, Wilbert Peterson, Robert Petty, A.C.
Petty, W.A. Pfertsh, Mike Phelps, Frank Phillip, C.M. Phillips, F.M.
Phillips, John B. Phipps, Azra Phipps, Clit Phipps, F.H. Phipps, George K.
Phipps, Henry Phipps, John Phipps, Pol Phipps, W.t. Pierce, Eb
Pierce, Ester Pierce, Gilford Pierce, Jim Pierce, Mell Pierce, Roy
Pierce, R.W. Pierson, E.C. Pierson, W.S. Piles, Noah Pollard, G.W.
Poorman, H.I. Poorman, O.R. Popham, Clarence Popham, Fred D. Poppham, Charles E.
Poppham, Harold M. Porter, W.R. Powell, Charles Powell, Will Powers, Bernard
Powers, John Prather, John S. Prather, W.E. Preston, Charles Price, E.W.
Price, F.N. Price, Gus Price, J.N. Price, Wilbur Price, William R.
Price, W.A. Price, W.R. Prichard, J.J. Prince, Charles Prince, J.H.
Prince, S.L. Prince, W.T Prunty, O.B. Pugh, Herbert Purdum, J.C.


Rankin, A.W. Rankin, R.N. Rankin, W.P. Raper, G.S. Rardin, C.G.
Rardin, G.T. Rardin, Jake Rardin, J.H. Rardin, Samuel Rardin, W.C.
Rathe, Theodore Rathe, Tony Raymond, F.C. Reasor, W.H. Reat, H.L.
Redman, A.E. Redman, Robert Reed, Fremont Reed, Thomas R. Reeder, Albert
Reedy, Jack Renels, Walter Rennels, Arlin Rennels, Charles O. Rennels, Earl
Rennels, Emory Rennels, H.L. Rennels, James Rennels, Perry Rennels, Tella
Rennels, Willard Rentfrow, Daniel Replogle, Elmer S. Replogle, John A. Replogle, Walter H.
Reynolds, G.E. Reynolds, Susie Reynolds, Wiley Reynolds, William E. Rhoden, T.L.
Rhodes, J.W. Rhue, F.M. Richards, Albert C. Richards, Harve Richardson, Ed.
Richardson, John Richter, Edward Riggins, Albert Riggins, A.C. Riggins, John H.
Riggins,Lloyd Rightsell, W.W. Riley, Edger Riley, E.L. Riley, Felix
Riley, J.R. Roach, F.L. Roaden, A.B. Roberts, Alph Roberts, Elmer
Roberts, Harry L. Roberts, Henry C. Roberts, Ike Roberts, Spergon Roberts, S.W.
Roberts, W.T. Robertson, Harry Robertson, William Robinson, Ed. Robinson, E.A.
Roche, J.J. Roche, Michael Roderick, Everett Rodgers, R.B. Roedl, Frank
Roetker, A.B. Rogers, Hays Rogers, Henry Rogers, Hiram Rogers, Isaac
Rogers, James Rogers, Joe Rohr, T.A. Rominger, Arloo Rominger, M.O.
Ronk, Jesse Ronk, Robert Rose, Albert Rose, C.C. Rosebaugh, Lucy
Rosebraugh, B.L. Ross, B. Ross, Ed Ross, T.E. Rowe, Harry E.
Rowlson, Richard Roy, Edwin C. Roy, F.A. Roy, H.W. Roy, J.F.
Roy, J.M. Roy, M.S. Roy, Robert Roy, W.J. Roy. W.M.
Runnels, I.F. Rush, Curtis Russel, J.B. Rutan, A.L. Rutan, Layton
Ryan, Michael Rynehart, George . . .


Sallee, C.W. Sallee, L.E. Sanders, Alex. Sanders, Henry Sanders, J.W.
Sanderson, F.W. Sargent, Sam Sawyer, James Sawyer, J.W. Schaffer, Henry
Schrader, Christ Schrader, Frank Schriner, H.E. Schweighart, Mike Scott, Alva
Scott, Earl Scott, John Scott, Joseph Scott, Lonnie Scott, S.T.
Sealey, John Seaman, George W. Seaman, Harry Seaman, Roy Seaman, Thomas
Sears, N.L. Sears, Walter Senteny, Mark Sexson, Homer M. Sexson, Mrs. W.A.
Shafer, Arch Shafer, Mrs. E. Shafer, Joe Shafer, John A. Shafer, Laton
Shafer, Walter F. Shaffer, Charles Shaffer, Frank Shaffer, William Shain, I.F.
Shain, Porter Shannon, A.B. Sharp, G.F. Sharp, Robert Sharp, Stephen
Shaver, Austin Shea, Ed. Sheeks, John Sheffer, Thomas E. Sherrow, A.J.
Shields, Henry Shields, J.T. Shields, W.J. Shirley, Charles Shoemaker, C. C.
Shoot, Clarence Shoot, John Shoots, Herman Shores, Minor Shrader, Isaac
Shreeves, Alfred Shrock, B.F. Shull, Thomas A. Shupe, Walter Shy, Webster
Sidenstricker, Harry Sieben, J.J. Silence, Edward Silver, H.E. Simes, Thomas
Minons, John Sims, David Sims, Howard Sims, Pickney Smith, Clinton
Smith, Mrs. Dana Smith, E.O. Smith, G. Will Smith, Henry Smith, J.M.
Smith, J.N. Smith, Willard Smith, W.A. Smith, W.D. Smock, Charles H.
Snapp, C.L. Snapp, Mrs. Winneyford Snider, John Snider, Ray Snider, Robert H.
Snowden, Ivan Snowden, W.D. Snyder, Charles Snyder, Jack Snyder, John H.
Sollars, J.A. Songer, Oliver Sours, Harley Sparks, E.R. Sparks, Walter
Speer, Amil Spear, Joseph Spence, A.L. Spence, B.R. Stallman, Anna
Stanfield, Owen Stanfield, Speed S. Stanford, Ed Stanford, Edd Stansberry, Charles
Stanton, Garner Stark, Homer J. Starwalt, Charles N. Starwalt, Grant Steckel, W.J.
Stephenson, C.W. Stevens, Arthur Stevens, Dave Stevens, Milo B. Stevens, N.D.
Stevens, Samuel Stevens, T.E. Stewart, A.J. Stewart, Miss Dicy Stewart, E.A.
Stewart, H.P. Stewart, Jess Stewart, M.F. Stewart, Roscoe Stewart, W.A.
Stiff, Axel Stiff, Frank Stiff, W.S. Stites, Shephard Stites, Walter
Stokes, Jess C. Stone, A.T. Stone, J.W. Stone, W.C. Stoner, G.W.
Stoner, William Story, John Story, J. Strader, A.C. Strader, Elmer
Strader, W.H. Strong, J.M. Strong, Oliver Strong, Oliver Strong, Sylvester
Stull, E.D. Stump, Millard Sullivan, Dan Sullivan, Eugene Sullivan, James
Summers, C.B. Suter, J.B. Sutten, James A. Sutton, Telman Sutton, W.T.
Swango, Fred Swango, John B. Swayze, A.L. Sweeney, Fred Sweeney, J.R.
Sweeny, R.C. Swickard, Fred Swickard, Raymond Swinford, Alva Swinford, Amanda E.
Swinford, Bryan Swinford, Charles A. Swinford, C.W. Swinford, E. Swinford, Frank
Swinford, G.A. Swinford, G.R. Swinford, John Swinford, J.H. Swinford, Lloyd D.
Swinford, Mrs. Mary Swinford, Milton Swinford, M.S. Swinford, N.P. Swinford, O.F.
Swinford, Shelton Swinford, Walter Swinford, W.C. Swinford, W.T. Swinford, W.W.
Swisher, Harry Swisher, William . . .


Tague, Bert Talbot, Alvin Talbot, J.T. Talbott, S.A. Tanner, Fred
Tanner, J.W. Tanner, Martin Tanner, Thomas Tanner, Thomas J. Tarvin, Emily
Tatkenhost, Kate Taylor, Calvin Taylor, Charles Taylor, Elgin Taylor, James
Taylor, Mike Taylor, Myron Taylor, M.A. Taylor, Oran Taylor, Rose E.
Taylor, S.K. Taylor, Walter Taylor, W.B. Tearney, Sam Teepell, C.B.
Teft, Guy Teft, Hamilton Temples, William A. Tewel, Frank Thomas, Howe
Thomas, H.L. Thomas, Mrs. Martha Thomas, Orville Thomas, W.M. Thomas, W.M.
Thompson, E.H. Thompson, G.A. Thompson, Wade Thompson, Willis Thompson, W.A.
Thorp, Milton Thrasher, Clarence Threlkeld, Erle Thrissel, George Tichener, Edward O.
Tincli, Church Tinsman, Ivan Tinsman, L.E. Tipsword, Harry Tipsword, J.W.
Titus, Clint Titus, William Titus, W.J. Titus, W.P. Toland, Fred P.
Toland, Martha Toler, C.W. Tomberlin, Frank Tompson, Alfred Towles, C.R.
Townley, Art Tracey, John Tracey, J.F. Tremble, E.A. Trotter, G.W.
Tutor, Frank Tutor, Malcolm Tudor, Melvin Tumblin, George Turner, Irvin
Turny, Wiley Tuttle, J.R. . . .


Updegroff, Otis Uphoff, Chris Uphoff, Frank Uphoff, Henry Upton, Colmere


VanAuken, Ira Vanderen, John Vandeventer, Dorsey Vandeventer, James Vandeventer, R.E.
VanMiddlesworth, Frank Vanscoyk, Clem O. Varvil, Clarence .


Waddell, George Waddill, J.J. Waddill, W.B. Waggner, Elza Waldan, Jesse
Walden, John W. Walden, W.A. Walker, Athen Walker, A.J. Walker, A.M.
Walker, A.R. Walker, Charles Walker, C.T. Walker, Henry Walker, I.E.
Walker, J.A. Walker, J. Will Walker, Marvin Walker, W.J. Walls, Grover
Walter, William L. Walters, Alvin Walters, A.T. Walters, Garfield Walters, George
Walters, G.F. Walters, Jake Walters, J.R. Walters, Sam Walters, Mrs. Victoria
Walton, A. Walton, George W. Walton, L.O. Walton, John Waltrip, Otto
Waltrip, W.E. Wamsley, Al Ward, W.A. Warman, Williard Warren, Homer F.
Warren, W.M. Wasson, Roe Waters, A.E. Waters, J.W. Waters, Thomas F.
Watkins, Armer Watkins, A.J. Watkins, J.H. Watson, Ewart Watson, J.G.
Watson, J.T. Watters, H.J. Weaver, E.S. Weaver, William Weaver, W.F.
Webb, Charles Webb, Henry Webb, L.P. Webb, Robert Webber, C.H.
Weber, Mrs. Ida Webster, Joe Webster, William Weddle, J.I. Welch, John
Welch, Nicholas Welch, Peter Wellbaum, A.J. Wellbaum, J.E. Wellbaum, William
Werden, H.W. Werley, Anda Westrup, Bert Westrup, Fred Wetzel, Chris
Wetzel, G. Weursch, George Whalen, Margaret Whalen, Tim Wheeler, Charles W.
Wheeler, Henry Whicker, C.D. Whipple, C.E. Whitacre, F.A. Whitacre, J.R.
White, A.S. White, C.F. White, F.L. White, George White, George J.
White, James P. White, John S. White, Lesley White, Zach Whitesel, J.A.
Whitley, Howard Whitley, John Whitley, William Whitt, Henry Whittaker, Albert
Whitton, W.D. Wiegel, Gus Wierman, E.M. Wiesman, P.H. Wilbur, J.J.
Wilcoxson, Roscoe Wiley, George Wiley, J.W. Wilhelm, H.C. Wilhelm, Louis
Wilhelm, O.P. Wilkins, S.H. Witt, Dice Williams, Alvin Williams, C.L.
Williams, Ed. A. Williams, F.M. Williams, Garvey Williams, H.A. Williams, Jim
Williams, J.P. Williams, Matt Williams, Walter Willingham, G.N. Willingham, John F.
Willingham, Roy Willingham, S.W. Willis, W.B. Willison, W.E. Wilson, Arch
Wilson, Arthur F. Wilson, A.J. Wilson, C.B. Wilson, Elmer Wilson, E.T.
Wilson, F.E. Wilson, F.L. Wilson, George Wilson, H.A. Wilson, Jacob
Wilson, J.O. Wilson, Walter Wimmer, Edd Winchester, T.C. Winkleblack, John
Winkleblack, Laurie Winkleblack, R. Winkleblack, Thomas Winkleblack, Walter Winkleblack, William
Winkleblack, W.F. Winkler, Jacob A. Wise, Fred A. Wishart, Charles Wishart, Henry
Witters, J.W. Wood, George Woodard, T.F. Woodard, William Woodfall, Jess
Woodfall, John Woodfall, Lafe Woodfall, L.W. Woodfall, Theodore Woods. W.W.
Woodward, Frank Woodyard, John Woodyard, Lincoln Woodyard, N.G. woodyard, Robert
Woodridge, Mrs. Minnie Worsham, J.T. Wright, Alva Wright, C.J. Wright, Elmer
Wright, John Wright, J.M. Wright, J.S. Wright, Marion Wright, Martin
Wright, Paul W. Wright, W.L. Wyeth, E.G. .


Yates, Nelson Young, Fred Young, Jess Young, John Young, Jolin S.
Young, T.F. Younger, Isaac Yunt, Eugene . .


Zachow, R.C. Zehner, William Zimmerman, G.E. Zuhon, Herman .

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