This page is dedicated to the men and women of Coles County who served in the military during WWII. We are fast losing them. Now is the time to honor them with the thanks they so richly deserve.

Listed below are the over 3,000 men and women from Coles County who served in WWII

I would like to identify which branch of service those listed below were and those who we have now lost. If you have information on any of those listed below, please e-mail me with the information. Thanks!!

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Abel, Chester J., Army Air Corps
Died 29 Jun 2002
Abel, Harold J., Navy
Died 17 Jul 2010
Abel, William E.
Abbott, John W. Abernathy, William R. Ablett, Roland R.
Abplanalp, L.G. Abston, Floyd L. Abston, Maurice D.
Abston, Robert L. Adair, George W. Adair, Harold J.
Adair, Maurice D. Adair, Ray G. Adair, Richard S., Marines
Adams, Corbet, Army
died 10 Sep 2008
Adams, Donald H. Adams, Earl A.
Adams, Fred Adams, Noble L. Adams, Orla E.
Adams, Orville Adams, Robert L. Adams, Woodrow M.
Addis, Max E. Adkins, Carlos E. Adkins, Charles W.
Adkins, Kenneth I., Navy
died 24 Nov 1984
Adkins, Lowell G. Adrian, Walter W.
Agnew, Jesse C. Aikman, Leslie G. Akers, Dewey W.
Akers, J.B. Akers, T.M. Akers, Theodore N.
Akers, William H. Akers, W. W. Alaman, Clarence, Army
Died 30 Apr 2000
Albers, Robert E. Albright, Owen Albright, Wayne O.
Aleshire, Owen Aleshire, Ralph D. Aleshire, Wayne E.
Alexander, Clarence P. Alexander, Francis E. Alexander, John R.
Alexander, Richard H. Alfred, Edward H. Alfred, Paul W.
Allen, Charles F. Allen, Harold L., Army
Died 10 May 2005
Allen, Paul L., Navy
Allen, Raymond H., Jr. Allen, Ward, Jr. Allison, Joseph S.
Althaus, George A. Althaus, Justine F. Althaus, Theodore
Altrogge, J. J. Altrogge, Rubert C. Ambrose, Dean A.
Ammerman, Everett P. Ammons, James, Army
Died 1 Sep 2000
Amyx, Carlos R.
Anderson, Charles D. Anderson, Earl R., Army
Died 1978
Anderson, Eugene
Anderson, Gene D. Anderson, George H. Anderson, Julian P.
Anderson, Harold E. Anderson, James E. Anderson, Paul R.
Anderson, Paul W. Anderson, Wendel O. Andreae, W. E.
Andrews, Ephraim B. Andrews, Eugene W. Anfinson, Rudolph D.
Annin, William C. Apple, Alvia L. Apple, Dick G.
Apple, Thomas G. Applegate, Charles L. Arbogast, Barr J.
Archer, Leonard Ard, Walter C. Armer, Eugene B., Jr.
Armer, Max Armstrong, Edgar E., Navy Armstrong, Elmer
Armstrong, John K. Armstrong, John R. Armstrong, Robert E
Armstrong, Robert James, Air Corp. Armstrong, Roger Arnold, Forest
Arnett, Ernest B. Ashbrook, Lester, Army
died 31 Jul 2007
Ashby, Arthur G.
Ashby, Gene L. Ashby, Robert M. Ashby, Roy H.
Ashby, Thomas B. Ashby, Walter G. Ashmore, Billy M.
Ashmore, Charles Z. Ashmore, John A., Navy
Died 6 Apr 2009
Ashworth, James, Army
Ashworth, Laura V. Aufdenkamp, Donald W. Aufdenkamp, Howard H.
Aufdenkamp, Norman F. Aufdenkamp, Victor A. Auffenrode, Thomas S.
Austin, Charles O. Austin, G. Byron, Navy
Died 9 Apr 2001
Austin, Charles W.
Austin, George B. Austin, Jack Austin, Wayne
Austin, William A. Auten, Donald Ayers, Henry, Army
Died 19 Feb 2004
Ayers, Howard E. Ayres, Leo R., Navy
Died 25 Feb 2011

Babb, Robert G., Marines
Died 8 Feb 2007
Babbs, Jesse J. Baber Donald L.
Babney, Homer E. Bagott, Lowell C. Bailey, Charles R.
Bails, John J. Bails, William B. Baker, Charles M.
Baker, Raymond, Navy Baker, Hildreth L. Baker, James H.
Baker, Wayne Baker, William D. Balber, Sidney
Balch, Joseph H. Baldwin, Charles D. Bales, Paul R.
Ball, James Ballinger, Dale A., Army
died 13 Aug 2008
Ballman, John
Bareither, Fred Bareither, Harlan D. Bareither, James,Army
Died 23 Mar 2011
Bareither, Marvin J. Barger, Rono W. Barnard, Wayne
Barnes, Francis N. Barnes, Paul L. Barnes, Robert A.
Barnett, Ellwyn Barnett, Norvel H. Barr, Arnold M.
Barr, George F. Barr, George W. Bartels, Herman Jr.
Barth, Sam A. Barth, William H. Bartholomew, Donald J., Army
died 17 Sep 2001
Bartlett, Jesse Basham, John R. Bates, Cranston, Army
died 6 Jul 2009
Bates, Donald S. Bates, James L. Bates, Thomas
Batheldor, Robert E. Batson, Robert J. Bayes, Dorcie F.
Bayes, Harold V. Baughman, Donal Bayles, Dale M.
Beam, Scott W. Beard, Jess R. Beall, John P.
Beall, Joseph H. Beals G. Albert Beals, F.C. Donald
Beals, Leo E. Beals, Morris E. Beals, W.D.
Bean, Kenneth L. Bean, Norman E. Bean, Raymond
Beasley, Wayne C. Beason, Wayne L. Beson, Curtis E.
Beason, Marguerite B., WAC
Killed in line of duty Apr 1944
Beavers, Cecil, Jr., Army
Died 23 May 2002
Beavers, James J.
Beavers, Paul S. Beavers, Robert L. Beavers, Robert M.
Beavers, William Beck, Charles R. Beck, James W.
Becker, Ernest H. Becker, Herbert C. Beem, Harlan D., Navy
Died 1964
Beem, John P., Navy
Died 1984
Beerli, Burk E. Behl, Eugene
Behl, Robert J. Behrend, Lewis Bell, Billy V.
Bell, David V. Bell, Fred A. Bell, Gail R.
Bell, Jerry D. Bell, Kenneth R. Bell, Oliver
Bell, Wilbur N. Bell, William H., Army
Died Oct 1968
Belleau, Ray A.
Bemis, Mason Bence, Bill E. Bence, Donald C.
Benefiel, Cecil C. Bennett, Doris Bennett, Elmo R.
Bennett, Frederick R. Bennett, Hal S. Bennett, Morgan D.
Bennett, Norris J. Bennett, Robert H. Bennett, Ross L.
Bennett, William T.
Died 26 Jun 2000
Bennett, Woodrow W. Bergfeld, Herman C.
Bergfeld, William V. Bernardini, Aldo Bernardini, Geno
Bernardini, Sisto J. Berninger, Kenneth M. Bertram, Joseph L., Navy
Killed in line of duty, 14 Jul 1943
Bertram, Peter A., Jr. Bertram, S. James Bettis, N. Thomas,Jr.
Bianchi, Reno Bidle, Charles W. Biehler, Lester L., Army
died 7 Sep 2008
Biggs, Carel J. Biggs, Dale L. Biggs, Donald
Biggs, Fred Biggs, Lloyd Biggs, Ted R.
Bigler, Warren M. Bills (Henderson), JoAnn, Army Nurse
Died 1 May 2009
Bills, Robert D. Jr.
Bishop, Bennie A. Bisson, Kenneth J., Navy
Killed in line of duty, 4 Aug 1942
Bisson, Maurice
Bivins, Harold D. Black, Charles A. Black, Everal D.
Black, Russell D.
Died 25 Sep 2003
Blackford, Harold T. Blackford, Robert, Jr.
Blagg, John C., Navy
died 2 Jun 2009
Blagg, Raymond F. Blair, Jack C.
Blair, Robert M. Blair, William L. Blake, George Jr.
Blakemore, Glenn E. Blakemore, Wendell F. Blankenship, Clifford E.
Blare, George O. Block, Robert O., Army
KIA 10 Nov 1943 in Italy
Block, William J.
Blomstrom, Everett A., USN
Died 30 Sep 1994
Bloxom, Herbert L. Blum, John
Blythe, Melvin Board, William Boardman,Frederick R.
Boaz, Harry, Army
Died 25 May 2009
Boggs, Harold H. Boggs, Lester N.
Bokenkamp, Robert W. Bolen, Dale, Army
Died 18 Apr 2004
Boley, Robert E.
Bolin, George R. Bolin, Gerald F. Borders, Richard M.
Borders, William W. Borntreger, Jacob F. Borrom, Floyd C.
Borrom, Johnnie Bosler, Wilbur R. Bosley, Donald E.
Bosley, Wayne A. Bouck, Freddie M., Army
Did 16 Jun 2002
Bouck, Raymond L.
Bough, Austin H. Bousha, Elain M. Bowen, Riley L.
Bower, Dwain F. Bower, Ray L. Bowers, William G.
Bowlin, Frederick O. Bowlin, William L. Bowman, Charles D.
Bowman, F. Kenneth Bowman, Russell Boyd, Jackie T.
Boyer, Billy L. Boyer, Charles W., Navy
Died 26 Jul 2004
Boyle, Joseph T. Jr.
Bracken, David R. Braden, Charles L., Navy
died 4 Aug 2009
Braden, Walter J.
Bradford, John F. Brading, Esther M. Bradley, Cyril E.
Brady, Lester, Army Air Corp
died 10 May 2010
Brammell, James D. Brand, Wilbert W.
Brandenburg, Donald Brandenburg, Merz Brandt, James R.
Brannon, Howard O. Brannon, Jack D. Brannon, Roy C.
Brannon, William T. Branson, C. B. Branson, Edmund G.
Branson, Robert E. Brant, Ross M. Braunsdorff, Aubrey H.
Brazzell, John F., Army
Died 22 Jan 2003
Brazzell, Oscar A. Breen, Dale H.
Breen, James L. Breen, Leo A. Breeze, Charlie, Army
Died 17 Dec 2007
Breeze, Paul E. Brewer, Edgar A. Brewer, John L.
Brewster, Robert E. Brick, Adam D. Bridges, William R., Marines
Died 3 Apr 2000
Briggs, Walter M. Brickman, I. William Bright, Gerald S., Army
Died 17 Sep 2001
Brimberry, John Britton, Allen P. Brock, Leland E.
Brock, Lyndon R. Bromley, Charles
Died 4 Jan 2001
Bromley, Margaret H.
Brooks, Charles N. Brooks, Clarence E. Brooks, Dan Y.
Brooks, Robert Brooks, Roscoe C. Brown, Albert
Brown, C.T. Brown, Charles E. Brown, Clinton
Brown, Donald, Navy
Died 18 August 2015
Brown, Donald C. Brown, Edwin P.
Brown, Floyd L. Brown, Fred E. Brown, George
Brown, Gerald W. Brown, Harold, Navy
Killed in line of duty
Brown, Harry L.
Brown, Irven F. Brown, John E. Brown, John R.
Brown, Juanita M. Brown, Kenneth L. Brown, Leroy D.
Brown, Lowell E. Brown, Oliver D. Brown, Orville F.
Brown, Paul Brown, Virginia Brown, William G.
Brown, Wilson J. Browning, Carl, Navy Broyles, Frank M.
Broyles, Maurice E. Bryant, Maurice W. Bryant, Ross O.
Brumgart, Wayne R. Brumleve, Gary Brumleve, Gerry T., Navy
Died 15 Aug 2000
Brummett, Wayne W. Bruner, George Jr. Bruner, Jack L., Army
Died 6 Jul 2001
Brunson, Ottis G. Bruster, Keith B. Bryan, Everett
Bryant, James E. Bryant, Raymond H. Bryant, Richard, Army
Died 7 Aug 2001
Buckler, John A. Bucker, Robert E. Buckler, William F.
Buescher, Vernon O. Buesking, Harold, Army
died 8 Jan 2009
Buffenmeyer, Cecil D.
Bugle, Clifford F. Bugle, Harold, Navy
died 12 Sep 2006
Bunch, Preston O.
Burge, Donnly R. Burgett, Harold D. Burgher, John A.
Burgner, Jack W. Burke, Charles M. Burke, Thomas M.
Burkhead, James D., Navy
Died 15 Oct 2003
Burnett, Grover C. Burnett, Warren, Jr.
Burrell, Donald L., Army
died 10 Sep 2008
Burrus, Clyde Burrus, John H., Army
died 16 Feb 2009
Burrus, Lester B., Coast Guard
died 22 Dec 2009
Burtner, Charles T. Burwell, Wendell R.
Buser, M. H. Bushue, Ferdie Buswell, Warren
Butler, Browder F. Butler, Calvin W. Butler, Edwin
Butler, Emery, Army
Died 28 Feb 2011
Butler, Floyd C. Butler, John G.
Butler, Robert A., Navy
Killed in line of duty, 20 Mar 1943
Butts, William F. Buzzard, John A.
Buzzard, Robert D. Byers, Robert S. Byrd, Robert C.
Byland, Donald Byrd, William A. .

Camoon, Carl M. Campbell, Donald T. Campbell, Elmer M.
Campbell, Henry M. Campbell, Howard W. Campbell, Jesse C.
Campbell, Logan B., Army Air Force
Died 6 Jun 2002
Campbell, Minor E. Campbell, Robert L.
Callahan, James A. Canary, Howard V. Canary, M. M.
Canary, Otis A. Cannoy, Felix J. Caplan, Charles D.
Carlisle, Sherman E. Carls, Norman Carlyle, Robert D.
Carman, Delbert T. Carman, William C. Carpenter, Billy K., Army Air Corp.
Died 3 Feb 2000
Carrell, Harold E. Carrell, Glen E. Carrell, Robert A.
Carrington, Charles A. Carroll, Maurice W. Carroll, William W., Army
Killed in line of duty, 21 Aug 1944
Carter, Charles D., Navy
died 19 Feb 2008
Carter, Donald E. Carter, Haley G.
Carter, John A. Carter, Kenneth Carter, Leo M.
Carter, Rollie P. Carter, William T., Navy
Died 16 Apr 2001
Cather, Robert
Cartwright, Edgar E. Cash, Glenn L. Cather, Robert
Catron, Eugene R.,Army
Died 2 Aug 2011
Catron, John H. Catron, Raymond E., Navy
died 18 Dec 2009
Catron, Robert E. Cauldwell, Russell W. Cavins, Frank V.
Cavins, Wallace Chamberlin, Thomas W. Chancellor, Lewis A.
Chaplin, Robert J. Chaplin, William H. Chapman, Millard R.
Chapman, Russell L. Chasteen, Everett Cheever, James W.
Chesser, Dale Childress, Charles R. Childress, Elmo L.
Childress, Gregory L. Childress, Ivan, Army
Died 29 Jun 2003
Childress, Louie C., Jr., Army
Killed in line of duty
Childress, Robert V. Chism, Harold D. Chittenden, Paul E.
Christian, Kenneth E. Chron, Elbert C. Chunges, Johnnie T.
Chuse, Joseph F. Cinnotto, Peter E. Clancy, Lawrence
Clapp, Earl W. Clapp, Louis R. Clapp, Paul K.
Claridge, Richard W., Navy
Died 23 July 2000
Clark, Charles Clark, George S.
Clark, Harold A. Clark, Harold S. Clark, James P.
Clark, John Clark, Leland C. Clark, Sheldon C.
Clay, James H. Clayton, Allison D. Clayton, Byron
Clinard, Charles Clinard, Everett L., Jr., Army
Killed in line of duty, 4 Feb 1943
Clinard, Richard
Clinard, Ted C. Cline, John L. Cline, Olen H.
Cline, Paul D. Clodfelter, James Cloe, Elmer
Closson, Don Closson, Harley E. Closson, Lawrence E.
Closson, Ralph E. Clouse, William C., Jr. Coady, C. V.
Coartney (Bell), Iris J., WAC
Died 18 Jul 2010
Coartney, Jack L. Coartney, Kenneth L.
Coartney, Paul A. Coartney, Ralph R., Navy
Killed in line of duty
Cobble, Claude W.
Cobble, Delbert W. Cobble, James F. Cobble, John R.
Cobble, Kenneth E. Cobble, David W., Army
Died 16 Nov 2000
Cobble, James F., Army Medic
Died 24 Dec 1991
Cobble, Lee, Navy
Died 14 Apr 1977
Cobble, Melvin Cobble, Orick S.
Cobble, Otis J., Army
died 20 Dec 1989
Cobble, Paul Cobble, Presley B.
Cobble, Robert A. Cobble, Roy V., Navy
Died 13 Nov 1979
Cobble, Willard D.
Cochran, Carl E. Cochran, Charles N. Cofer, Leonora
Coffey, Gerald M., Navy
died 2 Sep 2007
Coffey, Kenneth E., Army
Died 30 Mar 2009
Coffey, Verless R., Jr.
Cole, Andrew J. Coles, Byron M. Cole, Carlos W.
Cole, Oral L. Coleman, Charles H., Jr. Coleman, Leland H.
Coleman, Sam T. Collins, Donald L. Collins, Leland
Collingsworth, James L. Collingsworth, Robert H. Combs, Fred L.
Comer, Marion D. Comstock, Ned S. Compton, Glendon R.
Conard, Marvin G. Cone, William W. Conley, J. Earl
Conley, Jim A. Conley, Walter T. Conlin, Michael H.
Connell, H.O., USN (also WWI)
died 11 Jan 1970
Connour, Delmar E. Cook, Carlos W.
Cook, James R., Jr. Cook, John A. Cook, Robert F.
Cook, William D. Cooley, Clifford L. Cooley, Emery L.
Died 16 Apr 2004
Cooley, Everette H. Cooley, George E.
Died 15 Dec 2000
Cooley, George H.
Cooley, Howard E., Army
died 24 Jan 2010
Cooley, Marion R. Coombes, Lloyd J.
Coon, Herman C. Cooper, Albert T. Cooper, Clark
Cooper, D. Arthur Cooper, James W. Cooper, Verl
Cooper, William C. Copeland, Rodney L. Copenhaver, Ezekiel G.
Copenhaver, Haskall G. Corbin, Willet W. Coriell, W. A.
Cothern, Warren F. Cottingham, George C., Army
Killed in line of duty, 12 Feb 1945
Cottingham, Harlan E.
Cottingham, John M. Coslet, Marvin D. Cougill, William M.
Courtney, Harvey D. Courtney, Joseph P., Navy
Died 29 Sep 2009
Courtney, Richard, Air Force
Died 14 Jul 2007
Courtney, William, Army
Died 13 Jan 2001
Covalt, Max A. Covert, Chilton
Covert, John Cowger, James S. Cox, Arthur E.
Cox, Azro Cox, Charles E., Navy
Died 15 Jul 2008
Cox, Charles W.
Cox, David D. Cox, Eugene Cox, Jack B.
Cox, J. F. Cox, Kenneth W. Cox, Lewis L.
Cox, Logan E. Cox, Lucien Cox, Oscar P.
Cox, Otis L. Cox, Raymond O. Cox, Robert A.
Cox, Robert L. Cox, Robert N. Cox, William D.
Coy, Charles,Jr. Carne, Jack W. Crabtree, Walter, Jr.
Craft, James A. Craig, Clarence L. Craig, Perry W.
Craig, Oscar A. Craig, Ralph W. Crail, Harmon M.
Crail, Junior P., Army Air Corp
Died 6 Dec 2010
Crane, Clarence A. Craven, Jerry L.
Craven, Lindon H. Crawford, Orla E. Crawford, Helen J.
Creager, Charles H. Creager, Jack S. Creager, James H.
Creager, Lloyd R. Crecelius, Charles Creek, Edgar S.
Creviston, Edward, Air Force
Died 5 Aug 2001
Cribilar, Woodrow D. Crim, Raymond C.
Crisler, Ellis J. Crisler, Marvin V. Crisler, William
Crites, Charles F. Crites, Maurice N., Air Force
Died 22 Jan 2004
Croft, Lee
Cronin, R. E. Crookshank, Robert R. Crosley, Parks L., Jr.
Cross, Jack E.,Army
Killed in line of duty, 16 May 1946
Crowder, Robert, Air Force
Died 8 December 2008
Croy, Donald, Navy
Died 29 Jul 2011
Croy, Max Crum, Bernard F. Crum, Kenneth
Crum, Marvin L. Crum, Norman R. Crum, Rollie A.
Crum, Vernon J. Cruse, Ross W. Cuffle, Glenn
Cummings, Herman Cunningham, George W. Cunningham, Joe W.
Cunningham, Lloyd W. Cunningham, Marvin E. Cuppy, Charles R.
Curnutt, Russell E. Curry, Paul N. Curry, Robert A.
Curtis, Emmert C. Curtis, Lester S. Curtis, Rexford E.
Curtis, Robert Curtis, William E. Cutler, James R.

Dailey, Harold R. Dailey, Jack, Army Daily, Oscar, Engineers
MIA 24 Oct 1944
Dally, Andrew, Army
Died 15 Mar 1999
Daniel, James W. Daniells, Richard
Darigan, Rush P. Darland, David W. Darling, Lewis, Army
Darmofal, Walter T. Daugherty, Marion R. Daugherty, Charles
Daugherty, George C. Daugherty, Neal F. Daugherty, William W.
David, George J. David, Martha David, Najeeb
Davidson, Glen E. Davidson, Harold C., Army
Died 15 Sep 2007
Davidson, James K., Jr.
Davidson, John R. Davidson, K. D. Davis, Albert E.
Davis, Arthur C. Davis, Charles Davis, Charles M.
Davis, Dean Davis, Donald Davis, Donald E.
Davis, Dorthy Davis, Eugene A. Davis, Everett W.
Davis, Fred M. Davis, Henry A. Davis, Herman J.
Davis, Ivan E. Davis, James L. Davis, John E.
Davis, Kenneth D. Davis, Kenneth E. Davis, Kenneth L.
Davis, Lloyd A., USA
Killed in line of duty, 24 Mar 1945
Davis, Lowel S. Davis, Lowell M.
Davis, Robert E. Davis, Truman E Davis, Verlan A.
Davis, Wayne Davis, Wilbur E. Davis, William D.
Davis, William E. Dawson, E. Leslie Dawson, James D.
Day, Benjamin F., Army
Died 19 Nov 1999
Day, Edward T., Jr. Day, Walter W., Army
Died 27 Jun 1999
Day, Wilson W., Army
Died 29 Dec 2006
Dean, Charles F., Navy
Died 15 Aug 2000
Dean, Edgar W., Navy
Dean, James D., Army Dean, Wesley, Air Force DeBow, Leo R.
DeBow, Bobby J. Decker, Charles D. Decker, Fred, Jr.
Decker, Henry A. Decker, Kenneth, Army
died 5 Jan 2009
Decker, Lionel E.
Decker, Warren D., Marines
Killed in line of duty, 26 Feb 1945
Degler, Kenneth W. DeGroat, Eugene D.
Delana, Henry C. Dennis, Harold C., Army
Died 17 Jan 2010
Dennis, James R.
Dennis, Joe F. Dennis, Oadis Denny, Larry, Air Force
Denson, Robert J. Derixson, William N. Deverick, Lawrence M.
Deverick, Harold DeVore, James H. DeVore, Morris
Dewald, George A. Dick, Benjamin H. Dick, Leroy B.
Dieckmann, Warren B. Diepholz, Delbert, Army Dickson, Ross E.
Dill, John M. Dillard, Harry K., Army Medical Corp
Died 11 Oct 1958
Dillman, William E.
Dilsaver, Jewell I., Jr. Dixon, Ivan E. Dixon, Linzie W.
Dobbins, William F. Dobbs, Gene M., Army
Died 3 Jun 2012
Dobbs, George M.
Dobson, Hugh E. Dollar, James R. Dole,Robert M.
Donahue, Daniel P. Donley, Paul E., Army
KIA 16 Aug 1944 LeCoudrey, France
Doty, Dale T., Coast Guard
Died 19 Feb 1999
Doty, John P. Dougherty, Raymond A., Army
Died 12 May 2000
Douglas, Howard L., Navy
Died 4 Dec 2009
Douglas, Victor R. Dow, Francis W. Dowler, Glenn H.
Dowler, James R. Dowling, Dick N., Army Air Corps
Died 7 Jul 2000
Dowling, Robert W.
Downey, J. Paul Downey, Robert C. Dowthitt, Clarence L.
Drake, Donald F. Drake, Earl Drake, Eugene A.
Drake, George E. Drake, Harold E. Drake, Paul E.
Drake, Raymond E. Drake, William H., army
Killed in line of duty, 8 Jan 1945
Draper, Robert R.
Drennan, Daniel J. Drennan, Robert M. Driscoll, Clarence J.
Driscoll, Thomas L. Driskell, Ishmael E. Drumm, Floyd A.
Drury, Lewis E. Dryden, James O. Duckworth, Arnold
Duckworth, Herbert V. Duckworth, Vernon F. Duggins, Earl W.
Duggins, Russell Dukeman, Elton A., Army
Killed in line of duty
Dunaway, F. Richard, Army
Duncan, Charles E. Duncan, Donald H., Army
Died 22 Aug 2008
Duncan, Howard
Duncan, Wayne M. Duncan, Wendell J. Duncan, William E.
Dunifer, Charles P., Jr. Dunham, Benjamin A. Dunn, Harvey K.
Dunn, Jack Dunn, William D. Dunn, William H.
Durham, Harold E. Durham, Paul Dust, Earl B.
Duzan, Lowell Duzan, Marvin, Army
Died 1984
Duzan Myron
Dvorak, Leo J. . .

Eads, Gerald M., US Army
Died July 1980
Eads, Vernie R. Eagleson, Bernard L.
Ealy, Farrell C. Ealy, James O. East, Luther G.
Easter, Clifford W. Easter, Holly O. Easter, John L.
Easter, Joseph R.
Died 9 Jan 2004
Easter, Ray D. Easter, William C.
Eastin, Harvey L. Eastman, Earl E. Eastman, Maxwell, Army
Died 6 Feb 2001
Easton, Billy E., Army
Died 27 July 2000
Easton, Carl L. Easton, Kenneth G.
Easton, Moldie Easton, Paul D. Easton, Robert L.
Easton, Thomas A. Easton, Wendell, Navy
Died 24 Oct 1999
Eaton, James E.
Eaton, Nehemiah Eaton, Raymond P. Ebert, Philip J.
Edman, Ben F. Edmiston, C. L. Edwards, Arrie C.
Edwards, Charles F. Edwards, Clarence L. Edwards, John Jr.
Ehrhart, Charles W. Ehrhart, Richard Elder, Carl R.
Elliott, Charles A. Elliott, Edwin "Mike" C.,Army Air Corps
Died 10 May 1944, Corsica
Elliott, Harry D.C., Navy
Died 10 Nov 2008
Elliott, Michael, Air Force
Died 10 May 1944, buried 11 May 2010
Elliott, Richard H. Elliott, Walter L.
Ellis, Lee Elson, John T. Elston, Joe L.
Elston, John W. Elston, Harold W. Elston, V.S. Jr.
Ely, Edward W., Army
Died 17 Apr 2010
Ely, William R. Emmanuel, Earl V., Army
Endsley, Carroll L. Endsley, Don M. Endsley, Kenneth M.
Endsley, Robert W., Army
Killed in line of duty, 26 Jan 1944
Endsley, Thomas T. Engelbrecht, Daniel N.
England, Clarence D. English, John R. Enlow, Arley T.
Ennis, William H. Enterline, Lynn Epperson, Hobert J., Navy
Died 12 Oct 1999
Epperson, William W. Ersham, Roy Ervin, James H.
Estell, James M. Estell, Jora T. Estell, Velma, Army
Died 13 Jun 1978
Ethington, Charles T. Ethington, Harry P. Etnire, Robert L.
Evans, Floyd, Navy
Died 9 Jul 2003
Evans, Grady E. Evans, Nolan E.
Evans, Raymond P.
Died 23 Aug 1996
Eveland, Robert J. Evermon, Ernest W.
Ewing, Gerrold E. Ewing, Julia Eyrse, Harry O.

Fair, Edward L. Faris, Betty, Waves
Died 19 Jul 2004
Faris, Donald C.
Faris, Robert M. Farr, Donald E. Farr, Robert D.
Farrar, John W. Farrell, Arly, Navy
Died 7 Aug 2000
Farrell, Caryl D.
Farrier, Clem, Air Force
Died 17 May 2004
Farris, Benjamin L. Faust, Edward W.
Fasig, Robert P. Fasnacht, William, Navy
Died 8 Dec 1999
Fellows, Henry M.
Ferguson, Clarence A. Ferguson, Herald E. Ferguson, James E.,Army
Died 26 Jan 2011
Ferguson, John O. Ferguson, Osborn Ferguson, Richard A., Army
Died 6 Jul 2002
Ferguson, Robert W. Ferguson, Verlon R. Ferree, Robert
Ferree, William F. Ferrish, Edward H. Ferrish, George L.
Fickes, Raymond E. Fifer, Elde L. Figenbaum, Howard L.
Figenbaum, Mervin E. Figenbaum, Richard B. Figgins, Norman E.
Figgins, Samuel H. Finch, Roy N. Finch, Kenneth A.
Finch, Ruth Finkbiner, Richard Finley, William L.
Finnegan, John J. Finnegan, Leonard A. Finnegan, Raymond R.
Finney, Darrell E. Finney, Joseph, Army
Killed in line of duty, 6 Nov 1943
Finney, William F., USA
Killed in line of duty, 13 Sep 1944
Fisher, David, Jr. Fisher, John A. Fisher, Merrill V.
Fitt, Earl E. Fitzgerald, Joseph W., Navy
Died 10 May 2010
Fitzgerald, William
Fitzpatrick, Donald L. Fitzpatrick, Lorel T. Fitzpatrick, Wilbur K.
Fleener, William Fleenor, Charles E. Fleenor, Grant J.
Fleenor, Nelson R. Fleming, Lester Fleming, William O.
Fletcher, Charles H. Fletcher, Earl E. Floyd, Richard L.
Followell, Vale D. Foltz, Eldon L. Foltz, Verol G., Army
Killed in line of duty, 17 Sep 1944
Foote, Don H., Army
Died 30 Jun 2007
Foreman, Charles D. Foreman, Frederick B.
Foreman, George R. Forster, H. W. Fort, George F., Navy
Died 21 Jul 2008
Fortney, Howard W. Foster, Eddie Foster, Gail C., Navy
Foster, Vere K. Fowler, Ewell W. Fox, Dr. F.H.
Frahm, Owen M. Frakes, Dow L. Frazier, Harold E., Air Force
Died 12 Jun 2004
Frazier, James A. Frazier, John F. Frazier, Paul R.
Freebairn, Thomas M. Freeland, Gene L. Freeland, Troit D.
Freeland, Warren A. Freeman, Glenn Freeman, Richard W., Air Force
Died 25 Dec 2001
French, Betty J., Marines French. Dale W., Army Air Corp
Died 21 Feb 2003
French, David M.
French, James French, Kenneth R., Army French, O. Carl, Army
Died 4 Mar 1995
French, Phillip French, Wilbur E., Army
Died 17 Sep 1992
Fritz, Charles J.
Fritz, William A. Frommel, Richard P. Frost, Clarence E., Army
Died 18 Dec 2008
Frost, Jack, Army
Died 13 Aug 2007
Frost, Starr Fryman, Charlie, Navy
Died 22 Jan 2000
Fudge, Clyde F. Fudge, William J. Fugate, Jack R.
Fugate, William E. Fuller, Charles R. Fulton, Richard C.
Fulton, Robert S. Fuqua, Charles W. Fuqua, Ralph
Fuqua, William H. Furry, Carl E., Army
Died 30 May 2001
Furry, James F.
Furry, Medford, Air Force
Died 23 Jan 2000
Furry, Owen K. Furry, Thomas E.
Fye, A. C. . .

Gaetner, Val Gaines, K.W. Galbreath, Acil
Galbreath, Edwin C. Galbreath, Eugene R. Galbreath, Loyal T.
Galbreath, Max E. Galbreath, Otis G. Galbreath, Robert
Galbreath, Verne E.
Died 25 Nov 2008
Gale, Leon, Army
Died 19 Feb 2001
Gallagher, Charles L.
Gannaway, Kenneth L. Gano, Clifton W. Gano, Hubert D., Navy
Died 5 Oct 2003
Gano, H. D. Gano, Oscar E. Garland, Floyd H.
Garner, George S. Garner, Harry Dean Garner(Vermande), Roma E., Navy
Died 9 Dec 2009
Garner, William Garrett, Edgar J. Garrett, Jean E., Army
Died 27 Nov 2010
Garrett, Vernon Jr, Navy
Died 30 Sep 2004
Garrison, Ernest H. Garrison, Lloyd H.
Garver, Charles L. Gaskill, Robert E. Gaslin, H. E.
Gaston, Bennie L. Gaston, Joseph L. Gates, Edward C.
Gavis, Harry Gehl, John D. George, Omer C.
Gerhard, Betty Jean Gerard, Charles J. Gerard, Walter E.
Gibler, Don Gibler, John W. Gibbs, Howard E.
Gibson, Philip A. Gibson, Robert H. Gibson, Stanley W.
Giffin, George E. Giffin, James F. Gilbert, Albert
Gilbert, Charles H. Gilbert, Glenton C. Gilbert, Harold E.
Gilbert, Kenneth P. Gilbert, Orville R.
Died 5 Nov 2002
Gilbert, Russell
Gilkerson, Earnest R. Gilkerson, George N. Gill, Harley G.
Gillett, William A. Gilliland, Leroy C. Gilliland, Robert E.
Gillins, Loren A. Gillis, Albert Gillis, Delbert T.
Gillman, William V. Gillson, William C. Gillum, Howard, Air Force
Died 19 May 2001
Ginger, Louis Glassock, Earl W. Gleason, Leon C.
Glenn J. M. Glosser, Donald Glosser, Earl
Glosser, Jack R. Glosser, James W. Gobert, James E.
Gobert, Rex D., Army
Died 30 Dec 2008
Godden, Harold K. Goble, Calvin
Goble, Charles, Army Air Corps
Died 25 Jan 2001
Goble, Harold L. Goble, Herman, Navy
Died 21 Jan 2001
Goble, Jacob C. Goble, James I. Goble, Leroy
Goble, Marion E. Goble, Raymond Goble, Roy E.
Godden, Pearl J., Army
Died 6 Dec 2008
Goebel, Beatrice V. Goetz, Charles R.
Goetz, John R. Goetz, Joseph A. Goff, Joe, Jr.
Goleman, James L., Navy & Army
Died 2 Sep 2010
Goleman, Aubra L. Golladay, Dale
Golladay, Dwight Golladay, James E. Golladay, James W.
Golladay, Mason L. Goodart, Frank W. Gooldy, John
Goodman, Wayne C. Goodwin, Joe O. Goodwin, Kenneth R.
Gordon, Don K. Gordon, Henry E. Gordon, Jack D.
Gordon, Lemuel D. Gossett, Edwin D. Gossett, Ralph
Grace, Tom E. Grafton, A. M. Grafton, Harry F.
Graham, Dallas J. Graham, Maynard P. Grant, Harold F.
Grant, John W. Grant, William M., Army
Died 15 Aug 2006
Grant, Venda O.
Gray, Dean O. Gray, Elmer M. Gray, Jack A.
Gray, Harold E. Gray, Harry V.
Died 20 Dec 2001
Gray, Robert A., USN
Killed in line of duty, 12 Apr 1945
Grayson, Elmer Green, Billy M. Green, Charles F., USA
Killed in line of duty, 24 Aug 1943
Green, Dayton B. Green, Delance Green, Eric B.
Green, Johnnie L. Green, Thomas E., Army
Greene, Edmund J.
Greene, Marion D. Gregg, Forrest W., Army Air Corps
Died 1 Jan 2003
Gregg, Jack W.
Gregg, Raymond R., Jr. Greist, Robert L. Greeson, Ernest
Greeson, Leonard E. Greeson, Robert D. Gregoire, William F.
Griffin, Carl L. Griffin, Donald I., Army
Died 6 Apr 2011
Grimes, Othal C.
Grissom, Arlan O. Grobelny, Lawrence W. Grooms, Doyle E.
Grose, James E. Grove, Jack M. Grove, James S.
Grove, Joseph E. Grove, Paul A. Groves, Floyd, Navy
Died 10 Feb 2004
Groves, Noah J. Gullion, Billy J. Gullion, Frank Jr.
Gullion, Harry W., Navy
Died 3 Mar 2000
Gullion, Raymond E. Gunn, Harry H.
Gunn, James B. Gunn, Roy E. Gust, Paul
Guthrie, Ed A. Guthrie, Elmer O. Guthrie, Virgil E.
Guy, Earl E. Guymon, William E. Guyer, Max B.
Guyette, Harry S. Gwin, Carlos D. Gwin, John F.
Gwin, Byron C. Gwin, Oliver T. Gwin, Theodore Jr.

Hackett, Arthur G. Hackett, C. Dale Hackett, Fred G., Army
Died 20 Nov 2013
Hackett, John T. Hackley, Raymond Hall, Charles T.
Hall, Chauncey T. Hall, George Hall, Harold D., Air Force
Died 2 Jul 2007
Hall, Harold E., Army
Killed in line of duty, 15 May 1945
Hall, Louis L., Merchant Marine
Died 20 Feb 2010
Hall, Ralph A.,Jr.
Hall, Sylvan S. Hall, Wilbur M. Hall, William L.
Hall, William L. Hallowell, Harry C., Army Hallowell, James E.
Hallowell, Robert E. Hallowell, Theodore L. Halsey, Richard V.
Hamby, Francis E., Navy
Died 2 Sep 2002
Hamby, William R., Navy
Died 6 Oct 2004
Hamilton, Delbert C., Army
Died 21 Dec 2001
Hamilton, Delza Hamilton, Jacob H. Hamilton, Victor E.
Hampton, Norman F., Jr., Navy
Died 3 Jun 2009
Hampton, Clarence E. Hampton, Percy A.
Hance, Kenneth Hand, Arthur A. Haney, R. Warren Jr.
Haney, John G. Haney, Morris Handwerk, Donald K.
Hanley, Carlos H. Hanley, John, Army
Died 21 Oct 2000
Hanley, Leland D.
Hannah, Norman B. Hannappel, Merle R. Hanner, Arthur R.
Hanner, James M. Hanner, Reece L., Marines
Died 8 May 2010
Hanner, William L.
Hanners, Clyde L. Hanson, David, Army
Died 4 Aug 2001
Hanson, Otis, Army
Died 24 Mar 2001
Hardin, Kenneth, Navy
Died 26 Jun 2009
Hardin, Ralph E. Hardin, William D.
Hardwick, Joseph A. Hardwick, M. G. Hargis, Wilford S.
Haritage, James L. Haritage, William A. Harker, J. B.
Harmen, Wendell R. Harmon, Cecil H. Harper, Lowell
Harrah, Richard N. Harrell, Tabor H. Harrington, Herbert E.
Harrington, James J. Harrington, Robert E. Harris, Clarence L.
Harris, Collins G. Harris, Floyd E. Harris, J. A.
Harris, John R. Harris, Thomas Harris, William G.
Harshbarger, Robert R. Harshfield, R. W. Hart, Donald J.
Hart, Francis M. Hart, Harland C. Hart, John M.
Hart, Vernon M. Hartman, Andrew M. Harwood, Clarence H.
Harwood, Jesse P. Harvey, Charles G. Haskell, Frank M., Navy
Died 4 Nov 1982
Haskell, Harry W., Navy
Died 1 Feb 1981
Haskell, James, Army
Died 28 July 1987
Haskell, William D.
Hasler, John F. Hasselbring, Robert B. Hathaway, Harry R.
Haugh, James, Navy
Died 5 Jan 2011
Haugh, Raymond L. Hawkins, James P.
Hawkins, Max, Army
Died 27 Jun 2001
Hawkins, Russell W. Hawn, Paul L., Army
Died 14 Feb 1991
Hawn, Robert E., Army
Died 31 Jul 1995
Haworth, William D. Hayes, Allen F.
Hayes, Charles A. Hayes, Charles C. Hayes, Edward J.
Hayes, Gerald Hayes, Phillip H. Haynes, Woods M.
Hayward, Harold H. Heap, L. E. Hearn, Jack E.
Hearn, Joseph W. Heath, James H. Heath, Kenneth, Army
Died 17 Jul 2002
Heath, Loyal, Navy
Died 23 Mar 2004
Heddin, Cecil N. Heddins, Oscar W.
Hedrick, Gale, Army
Died 6 Aug 2002
Hedrick, Robert E. Heinlein, Crayton M., Army
KIA 18 Mar 1945 Kalenborn, Germany
Heinlein, William M., Army Air Corp Helmbacker, Joe G. Henderson, Donald E.
Henderson, John B. Henderson, John R. Hendren, Howard T.
Hendren, Richard A. Hendricks, James R., Army
Died 28 Sep 2001
Hendrix, Wayne T.
Henne, Robert L. Henneke, Charles Henning, Eugene
Henry, Asa C., Jr. Henry, Charles H., Army
Died 4 Feb 2007
Henry, Dorothy D.
Henry, Fred W. Henry, John Henry, Lewis F.
Henry, Paul Henry, William L. Hensley, Carl A.
Henson, Georgia, WAC Henson, Leroy E. Herman, John A.
Herman, Kenneth D. Herman, William L. Herring, Ray
Herrod, Cleo Hervey, James D. Heselton, Paul E.
Heselton, R. F. Hespen, John L. Hess, Robert L.
Hetzer, Eldon W. Hibbard, Harry C., Army Medical Corp. Hickenbottom, Isaac F.
Died 3 Feb 2014
Higgenson, Joseph Higgins, Florent M. Highfill, Linden J.
Highland, Bert, Army
Died 9 Jan 2004
Highland, John R. Hildebrand, Charles L., Army
Died 4 Dec 2010
Hildebrand, George L. Hildebrand, Samuel A. Hildebrand, Thomas C.
Hildreth, William, Marine
Died 14 Oct 2010
Hill, Addison, Jr. Hill, Albert C.
Hill, Carl. C., USA
Killed in line of duty, 11 Mar 1945
Hill, David G. Hill, David L.
Hill, Dillard H. Hill, Donald F. Hill, Donald L.
Hill, Granville, M. Hill, Robert D. Hill, Robert L.
Hillard, Charles F. Hillard, James Hillard, Virgil
Hillerby, Richard F. Hilton, Wayne R. Hinchee, James R.
Hinderliter, James Hite, Emery Hite, John M.
Hockstelter, Charles Hodges, Frank B., Merchant Marine
Died 10 May 2009
Hoferkamp, Donald H.
Hoferkamp, Edwin G. Hogue, Robert D. Hogue, Sylvester
Hollowell, Mack W., Army
Died 7 Feb 2001
Holmes, Earl M., Jr., Army
Died 31 Aug 2008
Holmes, John J.,
Died 5 Aug 1989
Holmes, Robert H. Holt, Edwin Holsapple, Carl W.
Homann, Burnett, Jr., Navy
Died 30 Aug 2010
Homann, Fred F. Homann, Gerald W., Army
Died 23 Mar 2003
Honn, Alton R. Honn, Evan D. Honn, Glen J.
Honn, Joseph A. Honn, Othel O. Honn, Thomas E.
Hood, Donald J. Hood, James R., Army
Died 1 Sep 2002
Hood, Leroy
Hood, Levi A. Hood, Lewis H. Hood, Norman E.
Hood, Robert F., Army
died 6 Apr 2007
Hood, Scott B. Hood, Wayne F.
Hoop, Ola, Army Hopgood, Joe J. Hopkins, James E.
Hopper, Francis M. Hopper, J. Vess Hopper, Leo Chester
Horath, Albert C. Horath, Clifford Horn, Alfred L.
Horn, Donald E. Horn, Jack E. Horsley, Robert E.
Hortenstine, John T. Horton, Joe Hougland, Jack C.
Houk, James R. Houk, Robert, Army
Died 24 Feb 2007
House, Carl R.
House, Herald K. House, Harold W. House, Robert B.
Houser, Bernard T. Howard, Harry O. Howard, Michael
Howard, Robert E. Howard, Robert L., Navy
Died 8 Jun 2000
Howard, William J.
Howard, William T. Howell, Archie S. Howell, Clifford D.
Howell, Doyle L., Air Force
Died 13 Oct 1999
Howell, George M. Howell, Jesse E., Army
Died 13 Nov 2002
Howell, John R., Navy Howell, Ross, Army
Died 30 Jul 1974
Howlett, John W.
Hubbard, Earl E. Hubbard, Henry W. Hubeli, John O., Army
Died 21 May 1970
Huber, Herbert R., Army Air Corps
Died 30 Jul 2011
Huber, Robert A. Huber, Tyrone, Army Medical Corp
Hubeli, John O., Marines
Died 15 Nov 2000
Huddleston, Carlos A. Huddleston, Ira M
Huddlestun, Raymond, Army
Died 14 Jul 2008
Hudson, John W. Hudson, Lloyd T.
Hudson, Marion R. Hudson, William D. Huffman, Estel L., Navy
Died 9 Jan 2012
Huffman, Francis N. Huffmaster, Dale Hughes, Cecil R.
Hughes, Clifford Hughes, Doris L. Hughes, Kenneth C., Marines
Died 6 Jan 2001
Hughes, Logan C. Hull, Robert R. Humes, A. V.
Humes, Robert W. Humphrey, Ivan H. Hunt, Howard E.
Hunt, James C. Hunt, James R. Hunt, Jimmy W.
Hunt, L. Wayne Hunt, Ralph E. Hunt, Wayne N.
Hunter, Harold L. Hunter, Lowell, USN
Killed in line of duty, 19 Nov 1943
Hurst, James D.
Hurst, John W. Hurst, Ralph H. Hurst, Victor R.
Hushour, Charles W. Husmann, William F. Huss, Herbert L.
Hussong, George W. Hussong, Ruben Huston, James O.
Huston, Louis E. Huston, James Jr. Hutchinson, Robert R.
Hutchison, Jean R. Hutchison, William W. Hutson, Ernst
Hutson, Wilburn W. Hutton, Dale E. Hutton, Donald, Navy
Died 21 May 2011
Hutton, Richard W. Hutton, George E.L. Hutton, James B.
Hutton, John W. Hutton, Richard K. Hutts, John B., USA
Killed in line of duty, 4 Jan 1945
Hyde, James H. Hyde,Wallace L. Hyso, Howard E.
Hyten, Harry A. . .

Icenogle, Lester P. Icenogle, Thomas A. Iknayan, Herbert J.
Iknayan, James N. Ingle, Charles M. Ingle, Ernest A.
Ingle, Lawrence R. Ingle, Robert W.
Killed in line of duty
Ingle, Russell E.
Ingram, Charles W. Ingram, Harold C. Ingram, Jack Rufus, Army
Killed in line of duty, 21 Apr 1942
Ingram, John A., Army
Died 8 April 2000
Ingram, Lowell L. Ingram, Peter H.
Ingram, Robert Ingram, Scott C. Ingram, Victor H., Navy
Died 30 Aug 2012
Ingrum, Delbert F. Ingrum, Harland D. Ingrum, Robert M.
Ingrum, Ronald B. Inyart, Robert M., Army Irby, Donald L.
Irby, Ernest R., Irby, Army Irby, Richard, USA
Killed in line of duty, 24 Oct 1944
Ireland, Donald E.
Irish, Benjamin F. Irons, William D. Isbell, William K., USA
Killed in line of duty, 30 May 1944

Jack, Dale Jack, Robert E. Jackson, Clyde A.
Jackson, D. Keith Jackson, Paul Jackson, Robert W.
Jackson, William P. Jacobs, James H. Jaffe, A. A.
James, Arthur G. James, C. Clark
Killed in line of duty
James, Daniel J.
James, Russell H. James, Marion W. Janes, Alva D.
Janes, Donald V. Janes, John L. Janes, Lossie W.
Janes, Marvin, Army
Died 8 Sep 2009
Janes, Thomas F. Janes, Vernon R.
Janssen, Herman, Coast Guard Jann, Clemens M. Jay, Delbert F.
Jayroe, Samuel C. Jebe, Carl F. Jeffries H. L.
Jeffries, John U. Jeffries, John W. Jeffries, Phillip
Jenkins, Charles K. Jenkins, Donald E. Jenkins, Donald W.
Jenkins, Monroe Jenkins, Robert A. Jenkins, Robert K.
Jenkins, Wendell D. Jerdan, George S. Jewell, Harry J.
Jobe, Leo S. Jobe, William J. Jodry, Glenn
Johns, Howard, W. Johns, Robert W. Johns, Tony
Johns, William A., Navy
Died 25 Jan 2010
Johnson, Charles A., Air Force
Died 14 Feb 1991
Johnson, Dale M.
Johnson, Dale W. Johnson, David M., Navy
Died 30 December 2015
Johnson, Donald E.
Johnson, Donald G. Johnson, Floyd S. Johnson, Gerald F.
Johnson, Glenn R. Johnson, Howard O. Johnson, Keith D.
Johnson, Leavitt E. Johnson, Ponie C. Johnson, R. R.
Johnson, Verlin L. Johnson, William C. Johnson, William L.
Johnston, Charles A., Air Force
Died 3 Oct 1993
Johnston, Hervert A.
Missing in action
Johnston, Howell C.
Johnston, William N. Jones, Cecil H. Jones, Charles E.
Jones, Donald Jones, Donald E. Jones, Donald R.
Jones, Floyd R. M. Jones, Harold E. Jones, Hershel W.
Jones, Hugh A. Jones, J. P. Jones, John W.
Jones, Lawrence L. Jones, Leland D. Jones, Harold E.
Jones, Merlin, Army
Died 16 Aug 2007
Jones, Minor W., USA
Killed in line of duty
Jones, Paul C., Army
Died 13 Aug 2004
Jones, Ralph F. Jones, Raymond O., USA
Killed in line of duty, 21 Dec 1943
Jones, Robert S.
Jones, Roger D. Jones, Verner E. Jones, Walter L.
Jones, William H. Joseph, Marion A. Jongers, Archie K.
Josserand, Randall P. Justice, Clifford D., Army
Died 21 Mar 2009
Justice, Lester

Kabbes, Harry G. Kackley, Hensel A. Kastl, Francis W., Army
Died 27 Jul 2004
Kastl, Herman H. Kaplan, Charles D. Kaufman, Kenneth R.
Kaufman, Robert L. Kearns, John E. Kearns, Wayne T.
Keenan, Maynard W. Keene, Helen M. Keene, J. P.
Keene, Jack Keene, Thomas J. Keith, Clyde J., Army
Keigley, Clifford L. Keigley, M. Kenneth, Army
Died 17 Apr 2003
Keigley, Robert D., Army
Died 17 Jun 2003
Keith, Clyde J., Jr. Kellam, William E. Keller, Charles V.
Kelley, Carl W. Kelley, Eugene M. Kelly, Chenault
Kelly, John J. Kelly, Robert W. Kelly, Roy M.
Kemper, John W. Kemper, Van Kendall, R. W.
Kennedy, George Kennedy, Robert E. Kenny, John R.
Kent, William, Navy
Died 2 Mar 2007
Kenton, Arthur, Army
Died 21 Aug 2000
Kerans, Charles E.
Kerans, Dale R. Kerans, Kelly E. Kerans, Leone H.
Kerns, Truman G. Kesler, John H. Kibler, Jesse G.
Kibler, John M. Kibler, Kenneth D. Kibler, Lafayette, Navy
Died 10 Ded 2007
Kibler, William B. Kiburz, Theodore M. Kidwell, Ralph
Kiefer, Arthur R. Kiefer, Ogden A. Kilman, Frank W.
Kilman, Howard T. Kilman, Robert J. Kilman, William W.
Kimball, Cleo J. Kimball, Paul R. Kimball, Richard W.
Kimball, Theodore C. Kimball, William K. Kimery, Lloyde E.
Kimmel, Kenneth, Army Air Forc
Died 1 Jul 2007
Kimrey, J. T. Kincade, Ivan E., Army
Died 27 Dec 2000
Kincade, Milton P. Kincade, Roy M. Kincaid, John T. Jr.
Kincaid, Roy M. Kindel, George F. Kinder, A. P. Jr.
King, Charles E. King, Harold E. King, John L.
King, Lester A. King, Lois W. King, Max S.
King, Richard King Robert C. King, Ronald H., Army
Killed in line of duty, 28 Jan 1945
Kingery, Millard E. Kinnaman, John Kinnaman, Melvin
Kirby, Ira H. Kirkendoll, Charles C., Jr. Kirkley, Louie R.
Kirkpatrick, Noah F. Kirts, Ralph Kite, Charles O., Army
Died 18 Sep 2000
Kite, Martin A. Kite, Philip T. Kite, Vernon F.
Kittle, Dallas, Army
Killed in line of duty, 19 Feb 1945
Kittle, Vern Klein, Carl J.
Kline, R. D. Klohr, John E. Klohr, Paul R.
Knapp, John L. Knauss, Glennard M. Knight, Edgar W.
Knight, James C. Knight, Keith O. Knight, Marshall L.
Knight, Russell E. Knights, Paul T. Knott, James F., Army
Knott, Lyle L. Knott, Paul T. Knowles, Harold D.
Knupp, William D. Koeble, Maurice R. Koepke, Lloyd E.
Koester, Ralph Kolbus, Raymond R., Navy
Died 31 Dec 2008
Kramer, Donald V.
Krutsinger, Melvin W., Army
Died 1 Jan 2009
Kugler, Dean Kuhl, Carl L., Army
Died 8 Apr 2009
Kuhl, Marion T. Kull, Robert C. Kull, William C.

Lacey, George W. Lacey, Harry E. Lacey, Norris P.
Lackey, Oren F. Lackey, Roy A. Lacy, Billy W.
Lacy, Gale Lacy, James D. Lacy, Ralph M.
Lafferty, Everett L. Lafferty, John R., Army AF
MIA 1946
Lafferty, Robert, Navy
LaGesse, Bernard, Army
Died 25 Dec 2003
Lake, Gerald L. Landes, Harold R.
Landon, Albert L., Army Air Corps
Died 11 Sep 2001
Landon, Herschel D., USN Landon, Melvin C., US Army
Landreth, Wayne E. Landrus, Eugene C. Landrus, Harold O.
Landrus, Max L. Lane, John R. Lane, John W., Jr.
Lang, Eugene G. Lang, Gerald F. Lang, Harold E.
Lang, Lawrence J. Lang, Oliver, Army
Died 19 Dec 2008
Lang, Walter, Army
Died 23 Aug 2000
Lang, Raymond R. Lang, Walter F. Langford, William B.
Langston, Kenneth H. Langston, LeRoy K. Lankford, William B.
Lanman, Andrew, Jr. Lanman, Charles L. Lanman, Charles O.
Lanman (Head), Esther, Marines
Died 17 Jul 2002
Lanman, Harold W. Lanman, Jack A.
Lanman, James R.
Died 21 Dec 2012
Lanman, Kenneth M., Navy
Died 24 July 2006
Lanman, Lee
Lanman, Robert F. Lanman, Ronald R., Army
Died 30 Nov 2006
Lanman, Wayne F.
Lanphier, Paul H. Larrabee, Samuel M. Lashbrook, Bennie E.
Lashbrook, Charles E. Lauher, Max B., Army
Died 24 Feb 2008
Laughead, Harlan E.
Laughlin, Robert N. Lawyer, Dale D. Lawyer, Eugene
Lawyer, John A., Navy
Died 13 Aug 2001
Lawyer, Lester J. Lawyer, Lowell
Lawyer, Orville, Army
Died 5 Feb 2010
Lawyer, Walter W. Lawhorn, Frederick
Missing in Action
Lawhorn, Lawrence H. Lawrence, Chester D. Lawrence, H. K.
Lawrence, Howard Lawson, Louis H. Lawson, Lowell G.
Lawson, Robert E. Lawson, William Lawson, Woodrow W.
Laymon, Hugh K. Lazier, Paul Jr. Lazier, Warren D.
Lea, Clem Leach, Albert C. Leathers, Tom H.
Leathers, Vearl Lee, Donald W. Lee, Elmer J.
Lee, Harold L. Lee, James H. Lee, John R.
Lee, Leland E., Army
Killed in line of duty
Lee, Leland L. Lee, Loren P., Army Air Corps
Died 10 Feb 2000
Lee, Ralph D. Lee, Robert W. Lee, Roy H.
Leffler, Glenn S. Lefler, George W. Lefler, Homer M.
Legrand, Laythen E. Leitch, Joseph C. Leitch, Charles W.
Leitch, Robert W. Lemaster, Walter H. Lenhart, Daniel E.
LeRiger, Ambros LeRiger Leo A. Leslie, Charles F.
Leslie, Edmond E. Leslie, Paul J. Letner, Clarence E.
Letner, Earl W. Letner, Raymond K. Letner, Roy A.
Letner, Victor Level, William D., Army
Died 26 Jun 2000
Levey, Raymond J.
Levitt, James D. Lewellen, Albert L. Jr. Lewis, Charles O.
Lewis, George T., Army
Died 12 Feb 2011
Lewis, William L. Lilly, Richard S.
Lindsay, Robert D. Lineberry, Artie Lineberry, Clarence E.
Lineberry, Elvin E., Army
Died 26 Jun 2000
Lineberry, Loren, Army
Died 2 Mar 2000
Lineberry, Richard L.
Lineberry, Robert W., Air Force
Died 11 Feb 1996
Lineberry, Sherman M. Lins, Thomas J.
List, Eugene D. Littleton, Charles Littleton, Harold J.
Littleton, Paul J. Littleton, Richard L. Lively, James K.
Livesay, Delbert W. Livesay, James C. Livingston, Maurice A.
Logan, Jack M. Logue, Ellis N. Logue Gwinn
Logue, William G., Army
Killed in line of duty, 20 Mar 1945
Long, Donald W. Lorenz, R. W.
Louder, Robert L. Jr.,Air Force
Died 26 Nov 2000
Lovall, Charles F. Lovall, Dewey, E.
Lovall, Ralph D. Love, Frank L. Lovall, Ralph, Marine
Died 26 Jan 1986
Lovell, James C. Loveless, George W. Lowry, Gerald L.
Lowry, James M. Lowry, Milton E. Luby, Frank L.
Lutz, John F. Lutz, William J. Lutz, William S.
Lynch, Bertram Lyntton, Max J., Marines
Killed in line of duty, 4 Jan 1944
Lyntton, Robert L.

McArthur, William A. McCall, Clair McCall, Errol C.
McCarthy, Daniel W., Army
Killed in line of duty
McCarthy, John J. McCashin, Merle
McClain, Eugene F. McClanahan, Paul G. McClellan, Burnice
McClure, Buren McClure, Robert M. McCollum, A. L.
McCollum, V. E. McComas, Donald E. McComas, James W.
McComas, Robert C. McComas, William L. McConnell, Hugh, Jr., Army
Killed in line of duty, 28 Feb 1942
McConnell, Marion E. McConnell, Raymond G. McCord, Billy E., Army
died 25 Apr 2003
McCord, Ralph R., Army
died 10 Jan 1995
McCormick, Cecil P. McCormick, Stanley H.
McCoy, Albert R. McCoy, Bryan M. McCoy, Donnell E., Army
Died 15 Sep 2003
McCoy, Paul A. McCoy, Wayne F. McCullough, Simpson P.
McCusker, Wayne B. McDade, Clarence E. McDade, Paul F.
McDade, Walter, Army
Died 21 Nov 2013
McDanels, Floyd W. McDaniel, John M.
McDivitt, Kenneth J., Army McDonald, David McDowell, James E.
McDowell, Wayne E., Army McEthiney, Don B. McFarland, Donald F., Army
Died 19 May 2008
McFarland, Robert L. McGaughey, Glen J. McGinnis, James W.
McGinnis, William F. McGuinn, Emery McGuinn, Maurice R., Marines
Died 9 Sep 2012
McGurty, John R. McIntosh, Frank J. McInturff, C. Vernell
McIntyre, Elnora J. McIntyre, Richard C. McIntyre, Robert J.
McKee, Max E., Army
Died 13 Jan 2001
McKee, Percy J. McKee, Robert G., Army
Killed in line of duty
McKee, Wiley C. McKenzie, Norman R., Navy McKibben, Ernest H.
McKibben, Harry M. McKinley, William J. McKinney, John E.
McKinney, Richard A. McKinney, Willis E., Jr. McKittrick, Edwin N.
McLain, Neal C. McLaughlin, Dwight G. McLaughlin, Gene E.
McLaughlin, William McMahon, John O. McMahon, Milton I.
McMahon, William McMeekan, T. E. McMichaels, George E.
McMillan, Dean, Navy
Died 17 May 2003
McMillan, Joe F., Army
Killed in line of duty
McMillan, Lewis D.
McMorris, Charles E. McMorris, Derrill C., Army Air Corp
died Oct 1985
McMorris, Ronald F.
McMullen, J. Lloyd McNabb, Paul R. McNair, Eric
McNamara, Phillip E. McNamer, Carlos N. McNamer, Harold E., Army
Killed in line of duty, 3 Feb 1944
McNary, Clifford R. McNary, Lloyd O. McNary, William
McNeel, Ben F. McNutt, Jack McNutt, Samuel F.
McNutt, W. J. McPheron, Herschel McPheron, Walter H.
McPherson, Frank E. McQuarie, John A. McQueen, Lloyd A.
McVay, James O. Macy, Norman E. Major, William S.
Malcom, Lesel E. Mallory, Robert Malone, Bill, Marine
Died 19 Apr 2001
Malone, Lester Manes, Ralph, Navy Manhart, Robert A.
Manley, Ivan G. Mannin, Buford, Marines
Killed in line of duty
Manson, J. John
Manning, Raymond H. Mapes, Owen C. Maples, Alonzo J.
Maples, Marmay F. Marchant, Paul C. Mark, Maurice D.
Marker, Harold F. Marlett, Charles T. Marshall, Clyde I.
Marshall, Donald E. Marshall, Eugene H. Martin, Harry M.
Marshall, Leo G. Marshall, Robert W. Martin, Hamor A.
Martin, James Martin, Lester Martin, Russell E.
Martin, William D., Navy
died 25 Apr 2009
Martz, William C. Mason, Albert B.
Mason, Charles L. Mason, Fred P. Mason, James L., Jr.
Master, Ernest Matheny, Euritte O. Matheny, H. W.
Matheny, J. W. Matheny, LaVern Matheny, Robert R.
Matherly, Donald E. Matteson, Floyd D. Matteson, Glen A.
Matteson, Lewis E. Matteson, Raymond E. Mathews, C.H.
Matthews, Charles R. Matthews, Forrest L. Mattox, Joseph C.
Mauzy, John C., Jr. Mauzy, Jack G. Mauzy, Rex M.
Maxedon, Alonzo H. Maxey, Arvel B. Maxey, Roy B.
Maxey, Roy B., Army
25 Oct 2008
Maxham, George C. Maxwell, Eugene E.
Maxwell, Wayne E., Navy
Died 27 Dec 1999
May, Chandos V. Mayberry, Harold E.
Mayer, Louis F. Mayhew, Charles, Air Force
Died 28 Mar 2004
Mayhew, Ellsworth W.
Mayhew, Harold W. Mayhew, Wayne, Marine Mensendick, Carl I.
Meek, Carl Meeker, Warren H. Meese, Richar E.
Melecosky, Stanley Melton, Kenneth, Army
Died 23 Apr 2003
Melton, Russell K.
Melvin, Robert C. Mendenhall, Sanford H. Mercer, Hugh M.
Merrick, Charles C. Merrick, Harold L. Messick, T. W.
Metcalf, Harry M. Metcalf, Robert W. Mettler, Arthur, Navy
Died 5 Mar 2002
Metter, Raymond Metter, William J. Metzelaars, Charles
Metzelaars, Lawrence R., Navy
Died 11 Aug 2002
Metzler, Wayne O. Meyer, Norbert R.
Meyers, Jack Meyers, Raymond Michael, Carl F.
Michael, John W. Michael, Otto L. Michael, Thomas C.
Michaels, Frank L. Michel, Norman W. Middlesworth, Mike
Milam, Paul F. Millage, James A. Millage Leo
Millar, J. Z. Miller, Byron B. Miller, Curtis S.
Miller, Dale J. Miller, Edward C. Miller, Frank J., Army
Died 4 Apr 2002
Miller, Frederick J. Miller, Howard Miller, James E., Army
died 30 Jun 2008
Miller, Leland C. Miller, Raymond Miller, Rex E.
Miller, Wilburn H. Miller, William L. Milliner, George F.
Mills, Clarence E., Army
Died 11 April 2000
Mills, Don, Army
Died 24 Jun 2001
Mills, Eugene J.
Millsap, Eugene A., Navy Millsap, Roy E., Army Millsap, William C., Navy
Mineer, Harold D. Mingus, Elbert T. Mingus, Jay
Mingus, Jesse L. Mirus, Robert L. Mitchel, Byron H.
Mitchel, Robert H. Mitchell, Harry A. Mitchell, James E.
Mitchell, Wylie P. Mizeur, Marvin J. Mock, Fred L.
Moffett, James I., Army
Died 9 Jan 2003
Moffett, Jesse H. Moffett, Marion
Moffett, Robert D. Moffett, Robert E. Moffett, Thomas
Moffett, Wayne, Army
Died 29 Jan 2012
Mohler, Glen E. Moler, Frederick J.
Monier, Mark Monier, William W. Monson, Paul W.
Killed in line of duty
Monsul, Joan, Army Nurse
Died 25 Jan 2003
Montgomery, Franklin P. Montgomery, Willard G.
Montonye, Don E. Monts, Allen S. Monts, Jack A., Army
Died 14 Mar 2004
Moody, Donald L. Moody, Francis L. Moody, Frank
Moody, Max Woody, Randall L. Moody, Robert C.
Moon, George B. Mooney, James W. Moore, Arthur
Moore, Cecil E. Moore, Clarence E. Moore, Daniel W.
Moore, Douglas L. Moore, Everett Moore, E. Kirk
Moore, Francis L. Moore, Harold F. Moore, Howard C.
Moore, Larry R. Moore, Leo Moore, Paul E.
Moore, Robert M. Moore, Ross, Army
died 16 June 1957
Moore, Russell
Moore, Vivian Moore, Walter Moreau, Kimmel J.
Morgan, Billie, Navy
Died 23 Jul 2001
Morgan, Edward L., Army
Died 12 Aug 2011
Morgan, Harold S.
Morgan, Henry F. Morgan, James T., Navy
Died 10 Jun 2003
Morgan, Joseph G.
Morgan, Kenneth E. Morgan, Robert A., Navybr>Died 1 Dec 2000 Morgan, Robert D.
Morgan, Robert E. Morgan, William C. Morgan, William R.
Moritz, James L. Morris, Freddie A. Morris, Glen
Morris, James R. Morris, Raymond W. Morris, Rufus, G.
Morrison, Albert L. Morrison, Allen L. Morrison, Earl
Morrison, Edmond Morrison, George Morrison, Holmes D.
Morrison, Jack D. Morrison, Robert L. Morton, Robert, Navy
Moses, John M. Mosley, Ray H. Moss, Alva H.
Motley, C. Jackson Moulton, Clarence A. Moutray, Everett J.
Moye, Wilburn J. Muchmore, Clarence E. Mullen, John C.
Mullins, Donald H. Mullins, Eugene R. Mumbower, Murel G.
Mundhenk, James F. Murphy, Charles W. Murphy, Chester N.
Murphy, Eugene L. Murphy, James W. Murphy, Glen S.
Murphy, Lewis E. Murphy, Vance Myers, Augustus
Myers, Carlos E. Myers, Charles W. Myers, Clarel E.
Myers, Dale E. Myers, Herschel Myers, Jack A.
Myers, James R. Myers, Marion L. Myers, Martin S.
Myers, Murrell Myers, Paul E., Navy
Killed in line of duty
Myers, Ralph E.
Myers, Richard P. Myers, Robert L., Navy
Died 17 Mar 2002
Myers, Russell A.
Myers, Walter, Army Air Force
Died 24 Aug 2001
. .

Nash, Charles, Navy Nash, Donald A. Nash, George W.
Nash, William, Army Neal, Earl W. Neal, Edwin M.
Neal, John W. Neal, Walter R. Neaves, Robert E.
Needham, Wendall, Army
Died 29 Mar 2002
Neer, Arthur Nees, Clarence E.
Nees, Earl E. Nees, Ralph E. Neff, Roy E.
Negley, James T. Negley, Josph H. Nelson, Albert L.
Nelson, Lloyd R., Army Air Corps
Died 28 May 2004
Nesbitt, Arthur Newby, John R., Army
died 14 May 2009
Newcomb, Walter F. Newell, Robert V. Newell, Thomas M.
Newgent, Robert H. Newland, Hayden G. Newland, John F., Army
died 16 Feb 1958
Newman, John C., Marines
Died 20 Jan 1973
Newman, Howard N. Newman, William B.
Nickell, James M. Nickell, James O. Nichols, Gerald G., Army
Died 27 Oct 2001
Nichols, Robert D. Nickles, Ralph L., Navy
Died 20 Apr 2002
Niemeyer, Edwin C.
Niemeyer, Louis H. Nixon, Donald E., Army
Killed in line of duty, 20 Dec 1942
Noble, Richard
Noe, William K. Nolan, Agnes Nolan, Edward
Nolan, Madonna H. Nolan, Robert W., Army
17 Aug 2008
Nolan, William M., Army
Killed in line of duty, 29 Feb 1944
Nolte, Walter J. Nordquist, Delmar L. Norman, Eugene
Norton, Kenneth H. Norviel, Kenneth E. Norviell, Vernon A.
Nottingham, Forrest G. Noyes, Arthur D. Nuzie, S.
Nuzie, S. B. . .

Oakley, Chester F. Oakley, Everett E. Oakley, Harley R., Army
Died 7 Jan 2009
Oakley, Herschel A. Oakley, Leo P. Jr. Ochman, Samuel
O'Day, James D. O'Day, Paul D. O'Day, Quentin E.
O'Dell, Roosevelt P. O'Dell, George, Navy
Died 30 Oct 2001
Ogden, Carl, Jr.
Ogden, Herman R. Ogden, Howard E. Ogden, Kenneth M.
Ogden, Russell T. Ogden, William Ogle, Roy A.
O'Hair, Harold E. O'Hair, Roy A. O'Hara, Frankie, Army
Died 20 Sep 2003
Ohm, Bernard N. Ohm, Celestine W. Ohm, Charles, Air Force
Ohm, Ralph E., Army
Died 14 Jan 2001
Oliver, Clifton G. Oliver, Dewey L.
Oliver, Roland F. Oliver, Virgil E. Oliver, William J., Air Force
died 11 Jun 2010
Olmstead, Dan H. Olmsted, Charles L. Olmsted, James A.
Olmsted, Leonard E. Olmsted, J. Thomas O'Neal, Arthur M.
O'Neill, Arthur J. Orndoff, Phillip, Navy
Died 14 Oct 2003
Orndoff, R. C.
Orndorff, Robert A. Orr, Albert I. Osborne, Dale, Army
Died 1 Apr 2000
Osborne, Frank Osborne, Jack L. Osborne, Jesse L.
Osborne, Maryland R. Osborne, Richard Osterhagen, H. F.
Outland, George F. Overmyer, Lloyd, Army
died 10 Jul 2008
Overton, Glenn C.
Owens, Arnold R., Army Air Force
Died 23 Mar 2003
Owens, Harry Owens, Jack G.
Owens, James L. Owens, Thomas L. Owings, Charles T., Jr.
Owings, Donnell M. Oye, Edwin H. Ozier, Eugene H.

Paden, Earl E. Padgett, Herman G. Padgett, Lee V.
Palmisano, Charles C. Pankey, Robert L. Parke, Richard W.
Parke, Wayne B. Parker, Charles D. Parker, Charles H., Army
Parker, John W. Parker, Joseph L. Parker, Maynard L.
Parker, Paul C. Parker, Ralph W. Parker, Van R.
Parker, Wayne S., Army Air Corp
Died 19 April 2000
Parker, Wendall A. Parkhurst, Ralph E.
Parrett, Vernon P. Partlow, Alvie R. Partlow, Alvin E.
Patten, Alvin L. Patterson, Farrell S. Patterson, James W.
Patrem, Charles A. Patrena, John P. Patrick, Thomas H.
Patterson, Allen Patterson, James E. Pattin, Dennis E.
Pattin, Earl D. Pattin, Wayne Paul, Albert E., Army Air Force
Died 26 Dec 1999
Paul, Floyd Paul, John E. Paule, Arthur H.
Pauley, John, Jr. Paxton, Clarence E., Army
Died 7 Mar 1999
Payton, Norman, Marines
Died 16 Jun 2003
Payton, William Peak, Kenneth F. Pearcy, Claude C.
Pearcy, James L. Pearcy, John W. Pearson, Jack, Army
Died 30 Sep 2004
Pearson, Max C. Pearson, Paul Pedigo, Donald E.
Pedigo, Glenn A. Peeler, E. E. Pegelo, Frederick
Pelcher, Frank J. Peltier, Arthur L. Pemberton, Carlysle
Pemberton, Stanton R. Pendergast, William Penefather, Patrick D.
Pennington, Harold D. Pennington, J. J. Pepperdine, George F.
Perkins, Jack K. Perkins, Harold E., Marines
Died 6 Aug 2000
Perkins, Kenneth
Perry, Clyde A. Perry, Edward A. Perry, Lloyd E.
Perry, Lowell A. Perry, Ormond E. Perry, Richard E.
Peterson, Carl Peterson, Clifford L. Peterson, Donald
Peterson, Eugene Peterson, Richard H. Peterson, Robert D.
Pepper, Melton L. Pfeiffer, Darrell E. Pforr, Kenneth E.
Pforr, Raymond H. Phelps, Frank Phillips, Albert, Army
died 7 May 2009
Phillips, Alonzo W. Phillips, Alvin L. Phillips, Ashby
Phillips, Harold Phillips, Paul T., Army
Died 17 Mar 2004
Phipps, Alva E.
Phipps, Billy G. Phipps, Charles L. Phipps, E. J.
Phipps, Hugh C., Jr. Phipps, James G. Phipps, James H.
Phipps, Morgan F., Army
Died 9 Jun 1986
Phipps, Robert W. Pierce, Francis, Navy
died 31 Dec 2008
Pierce, Robert D. Pierce, Robert E. Pierce, Max M.
Pierson, Francis L. Pierson, John A. Pierson, Robert B.
Pierson, William R. Pinkard, William R. Pigg, Alvin
Piper, Harold T. Plencner, Bernard J. Pleasant, Fred B.
Pleasant, Lawrence Pleasant, Warren D. Plummer, William L.
Podesta, Violet Podesta, W. L. Poindexter, William
Pollard, Frank Pollard, Jerald A. Pollard, Robert E.
Popham Frederick N. Popham, Robert F. Poore, Ray E.
Poorman, Charles R., Marines
Died 13 Jun 2001
Poorman, Donald W. Poorman, Glendolyn M.
Poorman, Robert E., Navy
Died 21 Apr 1998
Poorman, William F. Popham, Francis D.
Porter, Roy, Army
Died 14 Aug 2011
Porter, Thomas J. Porter, Walter S.
Post, Carlos E. Post, Carroll R. Poston, Charles F.
Poston, Robert B., Army
Killed in line of duty, 29 Sep 1942
Poulter, Forrest F. Poulter, Harold O.
Poulter, Harlay K. Poulter, James M.
Died 16 Jan 2000
Powell, Henry L.
Powers, Edward H., Army
Died 25 June 2000
Powell, Robert C. Prater, Orval A.
Prather, Harold D. Prather, Ivan M. Prather, Leonard L.
Prentice, James J. Presnell, William R. Preston, John M.
Price, Charles, Jr. Price, Lorraine Price, William H.
Prichard, Donald Prichard, James E. Priest, Charles M.
Prince, Rufus A. Probst, Fred L. Prosser, Hubert L.
Protz, Frederick Jr.
Killed in line of duty
Pruitt, Lanceford B. Pugsley, Charles R.
Pugsley, Robert V. Prunkard, Charles E. Purcell, James W.
Purvis, James Purvis, Lawrence, Navy
Died 25 Sep 1999
Pyle, Donald L.
Pyle, Howard J. . .

Queary, George F. Quick, Leon W., Navy
died Jan 1991
Quinn, Elmer E., Army
died 9 Feb 1985
Quinn, John R. . .

Raef, Raymond R. Railsback, Norman E., Navy
19 Jun 2008
Railsback, Ora L.
Rains, Mary Rainwater, Mark Jr. Ramage, J. E.
Rand, Wayne Randolph, Stanley J. Randolph, William P.
Rankin, John A. Rardin, Charlie A. Rardin, Charles L.
Rardin, H. Burdette Rardin, Charles, A. Rardin, Harold
Rardin, Ival L. Rardin, John B. Rardin, John O.
Rardin, Ralph K. Rardin, Vernon E. Rardin, Willis C., Jr.
Ratts, Herman D., Air Force
died 2002
Ratts, Keith L., Air Force
died 2 Feb 1989
Ratts, Kenneth R., Navy
Died 12 Sep 2004
Rauch, John S. Rawlings, Leonard Rawlings, Ralph
Ray, Eric W. Raymer, Dewey Raymer, Raymond
Raymer, Roy G. Raymond, Kenneth Read, David F., Navy
Reasor, Charles G. Reasor, Walter H. Reames, Alvin R.
Reat, George M. Reat, Hugh L., Jr. Reat, William A., Army Air Force
Died 27 Aug 2001
Record, Charles M. Record, Edmund,Army Air Corp
Died 7 April 2000
Records, Charles L.
Redburn, Jerry Redden, James R., Navy
Died 16 Feb 2009
Reddick, Arthur E.
Reddick, Arthur V. Reddick, Max W. Reddicks, Niel H.
Reddicks, Russell E. Redding, John E., Coast Guard Redfern, Rodney F.
Redicks, Don E. Redicks, Gerlad M. Reece, Charles R.
Reece, Don Reece, Thomas E. Reed, Alva H.
Reed, Charles M. Reed, Clare L. Reed, David
Reed, Gerald A. Reed, Harry E. Reed, J. Paul
Reed, James L.
Killed in line of duty
Reed, Jack H. Reed, James G.
Reed, John K. Reed, John W. Reed, R. Max
Reed, Roy A. Reeds, Jack N. Reeds, John W.
Rennels, Arlin, Jr. Rennels, Donald D. Rennels, Edward G.
Rennels, Esther Rennels (Geery), Florence, Nurse Corp
Died 9 Jul 2001
Rennels, Jack, Army Air Corps
Died 5 Nov 2002
Rennels, James D. Rennels, Karl E. Rennels, Kenneth S.
Rennels, Lowell B. Rennels, Morris E. Rennels, Rex L.
Rennels, Robert G. Rennels, Wayne Rennels, William A.
Renshaw, Roy E. Renshaw, Russell Replogle, Ronald L., Army
Replogle, Donald W., Army Replogle, Vernon L., Navy
Died 1 Oct 2000
Reynolds, Carl D.
Reynolds, Carl L. Reynolds, Elza C. Reynolds (Schabilion), Esther, Marine
Died 13 Dec 2003
Reynolds, John T. Reynolds, John W. Reynolds, Harold B., Army
Died 14 Oct 2000
Reynolds, Howard A., Jr. Reynolds, Lynn R. Reynolds, Maurice W.
Reynolds, Oscar R. Reynolds, William B. Reynolds, William J.
Rhoden, T. Ralph Rhodes, Wilbur F. Rice, Allen D.
Rice, Charles R. Rice, Jesse E. Rice, Pete L.
Richards, Paul E. Richardson, Don W. Richardson, Otto
Richardson, Ralph W. Richeson, Maurice Rickelman, Alvin A.
Rickelman, Leroy R. Rickelman, Paul J. Ridey, Charles H.
Ridey, Richard E. Riggins, Haden R. Riggins, Richard G.
Riggle C. Kenneth Riley, Charles R. Ritchey, Howard R.
Ritchey, John W. Ritchie, Earl B. Ritter, Edward F.
Missing in action
Roark, Donald E. Roark, L. E. Roberson, Charles M.
Roberson, Marion W. Roberson, Webster D. Roberts, Fred P.
Roberts, Frederick M. Roberts, George W. Roberts, James N.
Roberts, Paul W. Roberts, Raymond V. Roberts, William
Roberts, William E. Robertson, Harry J. Robbins, Keith, Army Air Corp
Killed in line of duty
Robinson, A. Robinson, Billy Robinson, Oral W.
Robinson, Robert, Air Force
Died 24 Sep 2001
Robinson, Stanley C. Robison, Robert L.
Rodebaugh, Raymond F., Army
Died 15 Jan 2010
Roderick, Frederick A. Roderick, Ronald E.
Roetker, Harold Roetker, Kenneth J. Roetker, Raymond F.
Rogers, Denny, Navy
Died 20 Nov 2001
Rogers, E. J. Rogers, Leonard M.
Romack, Harold L. Romans, John J. Romans, Robert R.
Rome, Joseph F. Rome, William N. Rose, Donald E.
Rose, Earl V. Rose, James W., Navy
died 22 Aug 2008
Roseberry, Charles E.
Rosebraugh, Burl Ross, Richard E. Rouse, Robert L.
Rowe, Charles G. Rowe, John W. Rowe, Raymond L.
Rowe, Walter F. Rowland, Horace D. Roy, John R., Navy
Royer, Robert B. Royer, Winfred H. Rude, Robert D.
Rumley, Vernon R. Runner, Alfred E. Russell, James E.
Rutan, Alva L. Ryan, Marion R. Ryan, O.F.
Ryan, Thomas F. Ryan, Willis P. Ryherd, John D.

Sallee, Frank E. Sampson, Donald Sanders, Denzel R.
Sanders, Donald W. Army
Died 7 Dec 2011
Sanders, Frederick T. Sanders, Glenn H.
Sanders, Kenneth, Navy Sanders, Oscar E. Sanders, Thomas E.
Sanderson, Glen E. Satterfield, Elbert Satterfield, Elbert E.
Saunders, David J. Saunders, Kenneth H. Saveley, Forrest
Schafer, Charles E. Scales, Charles C. Scales, Robert T.
Scales, Samuel P. Scherer, James F. Scherer, Melvin E.
Scherer, Robert H., Navy
died 4 Jan 2008
Scherer, Weyland J. Jr. Schilling, Joseph W.
Schleicher, Robert A. Schmitt, Kenneth E. Schneider, Donald B.
Schneider, William J. Schnorf, Roy M. Scholer, Carl I.
Scholer, Robert H. Schomaker, John E. Schone, Claire M.
Schooley, John T. Schouten, James F., Army Air Force
died 17 Sep 1987
Schrader, George F., Army
9 Aug 2009
Schrader, John W. Schrader, Raymond, Army
Died 8 April 2000
Schriner, Dale D.
Schriner, Marion G. Schwartz, Robert G. Scott, Alva R., Army Air Force
died 31 Aug 2007
Scott, Charles D.
Missing in action
Scott, Clovis T., Navy Scott, Elba V.
Scott, Frank B. Scott, John R. Scott, Nolan E.
Scott, Paul V., Marines Scott, Walter L., Army
died 12 May 2009
Scott, Roy E., Navy
died 1972
Scott, Vernon, Air Force
Died 4 Dec 1999
Scott, Walter L., Army Scranton, Laurell L.
Scruggs, Walter M. Seaman, Billy M. Seaman, Carl J.
Seaman, Donald L., Navy Seaman, George H. Seaton, Victor T.
Seibert, Harry P. Seibert, Max Seibert, Ralph J.
Seiler, Edward J. Seldomridge, Thomas D. Sell, Fred J.
Sell, Gerald V. Sell, Virgil K. Sellett, Charles
Sellett, Thomas Sensintaffer, Jack L. Senteney, Gene, Army
died 3 Jun 2007
Senteney, Leslie W., Army
Died 14 Sep 2013
Senter, George T. Sexson, Kenneth
Sexson, James M. Shafer, Arthur C. Shafer, Billie R.
Shafer, Charles E. Shafer, Clarence D. Shafer, Curtis D.
Shafer, Francis H. Shafer, James, Army
Died 13 Mar 1999
Shafer, Marion F.
Shaffer, Frances Shaffer, Franklin, Jr., Navy
Died 8 Jul 2002
Shanholtzer, Aubrey C.
Shapiro, Theodore H. Sharp, Everett S. Sharp, Ralph E.
Shaver, Billy Shaw, Donald H. Shaw, Joel C.
Shawver, Donald L.
Died 18 Dec 1999
Shawver, Robert E. Shellabarger, Raborn L.
Shellabarger, Rollin T. Shelton, Willard Sheppard, Kenneth D.
Sheridan, Donald E. Sheridan, John C. Shick, Albert R.
Shields, Albert W. Shiley, Robert A. Shirey, Renos
Shirey, Wayne S. Shobe, Leland R., Army
died 14 Sep 2008
Shobe, Owen W.
Shoemaker, Russell E. Shook, Loy, Army
died 21 Dec 2010
Shoot, Charles E.
Shoot, Charles V. Shoot, George D. Shoot, Henry W.
Shoot, Howard E. Shoot, Kenneth A. Shoot, Mac A.
Shoot, Raymond D. Shoot, Robert D. Shoot, Thomas H.
Shoot, William Shores, Donald C., Marines
died 25 Aug 2008
Shores, Harold E.
Shover, Marvin E. Shreeves, Harley E. Shriver, Eugene
Shull, William A., Army
died 6 Nov 2008
Shutts, Elmer E. Shutts, James L.
Shutzbaugh, George O. Siders, James L., Army
Killed in line of duty, 12 Sep 1944
Sieben, Earl, Army
Killed in line of duty in France
Simpson, Paul E. Sims, Arlar E. Sims, Glen C.
Sims, John R., Sims, Rex M. Sissell, Mack, Jr.
Skelton, Gerald E. Skelton, Harold R. Slator, Sidney H.
Sloan, Kenneth L. Sloan, Richard G. Smith, Ben E. Jr.
Smith, Chester L. Smith, Clark Smith, Delmar J.
Smith, Donald E. Smith, Donald G. Smith, Donald W.
Smith, Earl L. Smith Edgar S., Army
Died 17 Jun 2001
Smith, Emory O.
Smith, Girthie V. Smith, Harold E. Smith, Herbert E.
Smith, Jack O. Smith, James F. Smith, James W.
Smith, John M. Smith, Lester R. Smith, Lloyd W.
Smith, Mack M. Smith, Max M. Smith, Oral E., Army
Died 28 May 2000
Smith, Orval G. Smith, Paul L., Army
Died 12 Jul 2008
Smith, Philip W.
Smith, Raymond I. Smith, Robert D., Navy
Died 16 Jun 2012
Smith, Vernon, Army
Died 16 Jul 2001
Smith, Wayne Smith, Willie F. Smyser, Harry H.
Smyser, Joe Smyser, Robert F. Snapp, Alvin
Snapp, George A. Snider, Everett F. Snoddy, E. Floyd
Snoddy, Roy F. Snodgrass, Alson C. Snodgrass, Freddie
Snodgrass, Horace R. Snow, Orville E. Snyder, Harold J.
Snyder, William A. Solheim, Edwin K. Sollars, James M.
Sollars, Russell E., Army
Missing in action
Sollars, Russell W. Sorenson, Roger
Sowers, Gordon M. Sparks, John L. Sparks, Lowell W., Army
Died 18 Dec 1999
Sparks, Omer N. Sparks, Paul W.
Missing in action
Sparling, Raymond D.
Spaulding, Herbert A. Spear, Wallace, Army
Died 11 Dec 2005
Specht, Orville A.
Speck, Charles E. Spelbring, Bernard R. Spence, Dale, Navy
Died 10 Nov 2003
Spence, Harold E., Army Air Force
Died 29 May 2000
Spencer, James E. Spencer, Lloyd C.
Spencer, William Spicer, Robert Spitler, William H., Jr.
Spitz, Joseph R., Army
Died 9 May 2009
Spoon, Leo E. Spooner, Charles S., Jr.
Sprague, Leland W. Sprino, Angelo G. Jr. Spurgeon, Joe H.
Spurgeon, Millard E. Stabler, Leonard J. Stallings, Verl H.
Stanberry, Charles A. Stanberry, Richard E. Stanberry, Thomas G.
Stanberry, W. R. Stanfield, Arthur Stanfield, Carlos D.
Stanfield, Owen E., Army Stanfield, Ronald S. Stark, John W.
Starwalt, James, Army
Died 26 Apr 2001
Starwalt, Marion C. Starwalt, Paul F.
Starwalt, Willard E. Stephens, Frank Stephens, Harlan
Stephens, Louis J. Sterling, Donald C. Stevens, Charles R.
Stevens, Earnest A. Stevens, Forrest A. Stevens, Franklin T.
Stevens, James H. Stevens, James S. Stevens, Lloyd
Stevens, Maurice E. Stevens, Robert B. Stevens, Roland J.
Stewart, Albert D. Stewart, Dale E. Stewart, Donald L.
Stewart, Garrison Stewart, Ivan, Army
Died 23 Jun 2003
Stewart, James P.
Stewart, James R. Stewart, Marion A. Stewart, Paul C.
Stewart, Robert E. Stewart, Robert M. Stewart, Ralph O.
Stiff, Donald F. Stigers, Carroll E. Stillions, John T.
Stillions, Paul D. Stills, James V. Stine, Charles M., Army
Killed in line of duty, 30 Jul 1944
Stine, Clifford E. Stine, Clyde L. Stine, Edgar F., Army
Killed in line of duty, 12 Jan 1945
Stine, Wilford Stingley, John W. Stingley, Claude E.
Stingley, Louis M. Stirewalt, Albert W. Stirewalt, Clark S.
Stites, Charles J. Stites, Harold F., Navy
Died 11 Apr 2001
Stites, Jesse R.
Stites, Stanley J. Stites, Thomas E. Stitt, Donald W.
Stitt, Estelle M. Stitt, Glenn T. Stitt, Warren D., Army
Killed in line of duty, 21 Jun 1945
Stoddard, Thomas M. Stoner, John B. Stoner, Leland C.
Stoner, Rene Stoner, Robert E. Stoner, Ruth
Storm, Clifford B. Storm, Douglas S. Storm, Eli D.
Storm, Gerald D. Storm, Guy N. Storm, James D.
Storm, John D. Storm, Maurice F. Storm, Walter N.
Story, Floyd E., Jr. Story, Richard C. Stout, Charles Jr.
Strater, Paul L. Strausbaugh, Leo V., Army
Died 13 Jan 2011
Strodtbeck, Earl F.
Strohl, Bert L. Strohl, Delbert W. Strohl, Francis M.
Strohl, George E. Strohl, Robert W., Navy
Died 28 Mar 2002
Strong, Everett, Navy
died 10 Feb 2009
Strum, William B. Stuffle, Floyd E., Army
Died 4 Jan 2003
Stull, Francis M.
Stull, Orville R. Sturgeon, Chester, Army
Died 2 Sep 2001
Sublette, James C, Navy
Died 28 Jun 2003
Sudkamp, Ralph J. Sullivan, Charles E. Sullivan, Edward M., Navy
Sullivan, Howard C., Navy Sullivan, James E., Army Air Force
Died 25 Dec 2001
Sullivan, John L.
Sullivan, Ray Sullivan, Roger P. Sumerlin, Earl R.
Summers, Albert I. Summers, Hal C. Sumner, Harold G.
Sunderman, William J. Sutherland, Lynn Swango, Bruce L.
Swango, Lenix H. Swango, Maxine Swank, Burl R.
Swank, Charles E. Swank, John L., Navy
died 29 Mar 2009
Swann, James B.
Swayze, Kenneth W. Swedell, Cecil H. Sweeney, Charles W.
Sweeney, Lloyd R. Sweeney, Mack, Jr., Army
Killed in line of duty, 15 Jan 1942
Sweeney, Raymond
Sweet, Charles E. Sweet, George J. Sweet, Vinson
Swickard, Dan Swiney, Robert B., Navy
died 25 Feb 2008
Swinford, Bernard A.
Swinford, Don, Navy
Died 20 Oct 2002
Swinford, Donald, Army
KIA 2 Oct 1944 - France
Swinford, Everette E.
Swinford, Floyd E. Swinford, James R., Navy
died 2 Aug 2009
Swinford, Joseph I., Navy
Died 1 Jan 1967
Swinford, Lee B. Swinford, Melvin F. Swinford, Myron, Army
Died 18 Nov 2004
Swinford, Norval P. Swinford, Owen F., Army Swinford, Paul T, Army
died Nov 1983.
Swinford, Reece, Navy Swinford, Russel P. Swinford, William A.
Swisher, Floyd E. Swisher, Forest I. .

Taber, James L. Tague, James Tague, James
Tague, John W. Talbott, Alvin M. Talbott. C. Maurice
Talbott, Harold V. Talbott, James C. Talbott, John E.
Talbott, John T., Army
Killed in line of duty, 28 Nov 1944
Tanner, Carlos P. Tanner, Charles L.
Tanner, Clifford E. Tanner, Ollie G. Tanner, Robert C.
Tanner, W. Harold, Air Corp
died 22 Oct 2002
Tate, William H. Taylor, Donald E., Army
Died 2 Jul 2004
Taylor, George E. Taylor, Harold F. Taylor, Jesse E.
Taylor, John F. Taylor, John L. Navy Taylor, Mack W.
Taylor, Merle J. Taylor, Merle W., Army
Killed in line of duty, 24 Mar 1945
Taylor, Oral N.
Taylor, Paul E. Taylor, Reese A. Taylor, Robert B.
Taylor, Robert L. Taylor, William Taylor, William B.
Taylow, George W. Teel, Loren E. Tefft, Leroy H.
Temple, Albert O. Temple, Frank W., Army
Killed in line of action, Jul 1945
Temple, Kenneth E.
Temples, Harold G. Tharp, Frank W. Thatcher, Robert D.
Thatcher, Virgil E. Thayer, John D. Thayer, Paul
Thayer, Ralph R. Thissel, William D. Thomas, Archie F.
Thomas, Asa Thomas, Charles E. Thomas, Clifford L.
Thomas, Dewey Thomas, Jene Thomas, John H.
Thomas, Robert O. Thomas, Russell H. Thomas, William W.
Thomason, Arthur B. Thomason, Donald D. Thomason, Harold B.
Thomason, Max H. Thomason, Max R. Thomason, Thomas
Thomason, Tommy H. Thompson, Charles L. Thompson, Charles L., Jr.
Thompson, Donald J. Thompson, Donald R. Thompson, George W., Navy
died 22 Nov 2008
Thompson, Glen L. Thompson, Jack H. Thompson, James M.
Thompson Lowell R. Thompson, Mack A. Thompson, Reuben G.
Thompson, Richard D. Thompson, Roy H. Jr. Thornton, Vernon W.
Thornton, Dale L., Army
Died 14 Dec 2005
Throm, John G., Navy
died 2 Nov 2008
Tibbs, James E.
Timmons, John P. Timmons, M. James Timmons, William E.
Tinch, Jess M. Tinch, Paul J. Tinsman, Clifford A.
Tinsman, Wayne M., Navy
Died 2 May 1999
Tipsword, Glenna L. Tipsword, John F.
Tipsword, Merle, Army
Died 18 Oct 2001
Tipsword, Miles A., Jr. Tipsword, Wilbur M.
Titus, Gerald R. Titus, James L. Titus, John R.
Titus, William M. Todd, Charles Todd, Earlen R.
Todd, Malcom G. Toland, Charles W. Toland, Lester
Tolen, Alva C. Tolen, Charles H. Toler, Cecil E., Army
Killed in line of duty, 30 Aug 1944
Toler, James Toler, Leo E. Tolle, Harold V.
Tolle, William G. Tomberlin, Fred E., Army
Died July 1987
Tomer, Cecil A.
Tomer, Fred A. Toops, Claude Townsend, Eugene H.
Townsend, Fred W. Tracy, John A. Travioli, Asel O.
Tribby, Wilbur F. Tripp, Robert E. Trotter, Eugene E.
Tucker, Charles F., Army
Died 25 Jun 2001
Tucker, Hugh O. Tucker, James H.
Tudor, James M. Tudor, Melvin L. Turnbull, Harold G.
Turner, Alvia D. Turner, Don V. Turner, Forrest G.
Turner, John F. Turner, Leland, Navy
Died 5 Jun 2007
Turner, Leroy W.
Turner, Loren A. Turner, Max W. Turner, William F.
Turnipseed, Glenard W. Turnipseed, Max E. Turpin, Rober B.
Tuttle, Arthur C. . .

Updegraff, James E. Updike, Saville P. Jr. Uran, B. F.
Utley, Samuel J. . .

Van Deren, John Vandevanter, John Vandevanter, Howard M.
Vandevanter, Clinton Vandeventer, Herbert C. Vandever, Frank A. Jr.
Van Gundy, Robert Earl Van Gundy, Robert Elmer Van Laningham, Donald
Van Laningham, Fred Van Note, H. L. Van Note, Norman L.
Van Note, Roy N. VanSickle, Clare J. Van Scyoc, Raymond
Varda, John Vaughn, Charles O. Vaughn, Guy D.
Veach, Glenn C. Veach, Ralph L. Venters, Paul E.
Vogel, Leon L. Voigt, John W. Voigt, Vernon
Vollmer, Donald E. Von Behren, Dale G. .

Waddell, Howard B. Waddell, Robert C. Waddelow, Gaylord H.
Wade, George W. Waffle, Eugene E. Waggoner, Carl A.
Waggoner, Earl R., Navy
Died 3 May 2005
Waggoner, Jesse D. Wagle, Everett L.
Wakefield, W. O. Walden, Arnold E. Walden, Benjamin F.
Walden, Carl W. Walden, Chester C. Walden, Harley A.
Walden, Jesse R. Walden, Klan H. Walden, Rex
Walker, Bernise S. Walker, Donald E., Air Force
Died 21 Apr 2004
Walker, Everett L.
Walker, Francis L. Walker, Jack W. Walker, Joel T.
Walker, John R. Walker, Joseph E. Walker, Lawrence, Jr.
Walker, Richard Walker, Roy, Jr. Walker, Willis C.
Waller, Ray S. Wallace, Elmer, Army
Died 14 Sep 2001
Wallace, George, Army
Died 6 Aug 2002
Wallace, Tom W. Wallisa, Owen E. Walls, William B.
Walsh, Rex Walsh, Richard P. Walters, Granville W.
Walters, John W. Walters, Max, Army
Died 30 Dec 2003
Walters, Roy J.
Walton, Earl C. Walton, Jerry D. Walton, John E.
Walton, Joseph A. Waltrip, Carl A. Waltrip, Chester, Coast Guard
Died 1 Feb 2000
Waltrip, Dale L. Waltrip, David M. Waltrip, Frederick O.
Waltrip, Gerald L. Waltrip, John K. Waltrip, Lester D.
Waltrip, Max W., Army
died 10 Oct 2008
Waltrip, Noramn D. Waltrip, Paul M.
Waltrip, Robert S. Waltrip, William E. Ward, Charles N.
Ward, Frederick L. Ward, Joe D.
Died 17 Dec 1999, Danville
Ward, Leonard R., Army
died 6 May 1986
Ward, Roy, Army Ward, Thomas H. Ware, Charles B., Army
Died 18 Apr 2001
Warfel, Gerald D. Warman, Daniel E. Warman, William M.,Army
died 5 Dec 2003
Warmoth, Walter Warner, Robert A. Warpenburg, James E.
Warpenburg, Richard A., Navy
died 25 Apr 2003
Warren, Claude J. Warren, George O.
Warren, Harley R., Army
Killed in line of duty
Warren, Robert Warren, Walter
Washburn, Harvey L. Waters, Jack B., Army
died 29 Aug 2007
Waters, Max A., Marines
Killed in line of duty
Watson, Donald J. Watson, Leland H. Watson, Thomas W.
Way, William G. Weaver, Carroll C. Weaver, Charles E.
Weaver, Donald F. Weaver, Eugene Weaver, Harold C.
Weaver, Harvey E. Weaver, John Weaver, Kenneth
Weaver, Leland, Merchant Marines
died 17 Jun 2007
Weaver, Loren E., Army
Died 13 Dec 1995
Webb, Charles E.
Webb, Earl E. Webb, Vernon D. Weber, Paul E.
Weber, Robert S. Weber, Robert M. Weber, William F.
Webster, Donald S. Weiffenbach, Charles Weiser, Forrest
Welch, Charles T. Welch, Ernest R. Welch, James L.
Wells, Ernest L. Wells, John M. Wells, Robert E., Air Force
Died 24 Feb 2000
Wendel, James F. Wendel, Lester E. Wendel, Percy M.
Wendel, William E. Werden, Douglas D. Werden, George L.
Werden, John M. Werden, Robert Werden, Russell T.
Weston, Howard E. Whalen, John E. Wheeler, Paul E.
Wheeler, Theodore E. Whetsell, James W. Whipple, William N.
Whitaker, Arlie T. Whitaker, F. M. White, A. F.
White, Albert H. White, Albert R. White, Calvin W.
White, Charles, Army
Died 10 Feb 2011
White, Cecil, E. White, Dale C.
White, Dale L. White, Donald G. White, Donald J., Army
Died 30 Jul 2002
White, Frank White, Frederick H. White, Joseph R.
White, Lebert A. White, Leeroy H. White, LeRoy R.
White, Leland O., Army
Killed in line of duty
White, Lloyd G. White, Paul R.
White, Raymond E., Air Force
Died 20 Aug 2001
White, Walter M. White, William D.
White, William H. White, William L. Whiteside, Earl N.
Whitley, Marvin D., Navy
Died 5 May 2011
Whitley, Paul F. Whitrock, Walter E.
Whitson, William H. Whitted, Merlon I. Wickham, Clifford M.
Widdows, Harold C. Widger, Mary Wiegel, Glenn F.
Wierman, Charels E. Wilber, Dallas Wilbur, Harold H.
Wilbur, Lloyd M. Wilcoxen, Albert L. Wilcoxen, Garland H.
Wildman, Robert E. Wiley, Joe M. Wilhelm, Gerald F.
Wilken, Edward W. Wilkin, Martin R. Wilkinson, Leonard
Williams, Alva C. Williams, Carl W. Williams, Charles H.
Williams, Dale Williams, Donald E. Williams, Don R.
Williams, Edward Williams, George S. Williams, Glenn H.
Williams, Grace Williams, Harold E. Williams, Lawrence E.
Williams, Lloyd A. Williams, Otis R. Williams, Richard M.
Williams, Robert Williams, Roger D., Marines
died 20 Aug 2008
Willingham, James E.
Willison, Paul E. Wilson, Barbara F. Wilson, Charles O.
Wilson, Dale E. Wilson, David Wilson, Donald H.
Wilson, Edward D. Wilson, Fred J. Wilson, Fred L.
Wilson, Fred R. Wilson, Glenn E. Wilson, Harold A.
Wilson, Harrell Wilson, James W., Army
Killed in line of duty, 7 Dec 1944
Wilson, John S.
Wilson, Joseph C. Wilson, Keith M. Wilson, Robert M., Navy
Died 2 Dec 2002
Wilson, Robert W. Wilson, Roy K. Wilson, Wade E.
Wilson, Wallace M. Wilson, Wendall D. Wilson, William G.
Wilson, William W. Wilterhood, William B. Wines, Donald D.
Winkleblack, Charles W., Army
Died 30 Jul 2000
Winkleblack, Dale M. Winkleblack, Robert G.
Winkler, Donald D. Winkler, Ephriam, Army
Died 11 Jun 2004
Winkler, Harlan M.
Winkler, Kenneth E. Winkler, Robert Winnett, Ernest B.
Winniger, Frank A. Winship, John D. Wirth, Olin C.
Wise, Gerald F. Wise, Louis S. Jr. Wisely, Leonard C.
Wishard, Duane C., Army
Died 21 July 2000
Witmer, Ralph C. Witt, John D.
Wittenberg, Edward A., Army
9 Jul 2008
Woodard, Donald L. Woodard, Glen E.
Woodard, Ralph B. Woodard, Ralph E. Woodfall, Charles T.
Woodfall, James O., Army
Died 27 Apr 2003
Woods, Ernest Woods, Richard E.
Woolford, James, Royal AF
Killed in line of duty, 18 Jan 1943
Woodrum, Clarence F. Woodyard, Charles H., Army
Died 22 Dec 2003
Woodyard, John G., Army
Died 21 Jul 2001
Woodyard, Robert L. Woodyard, Roy A.
Woolery, Charles Woolever, Van J. Wollerman, Louis A.
Worland, Julius C. Wrenn, Robert G. Wright, Donald E., Air Force
Died 10 Oct 2004
Wright, Earnest W. Wright, Elmer E., Jr. Wright, George M.
Wright, Glenn, Army
Died 12 Dec 2001
Wright, Harold C, Navy
Died 28 Mar 2011
Wright, James A.
Wright, James W. Wright, Lawrence E. Wright, Orville J.
Wright, Paul K. Wright, Robert P. Wuersch, Carl
Wuersch, Charles L. Wyeth, George A. Wyeth, Jack M.
Wyeth, John W. Wyeth, Paul J. .

Yargus, Elmon S. York, Glen L. York, Halford L.
York, Paul J., York, Robert G. Young, James R.
Young, Orville E. Young, W. Robert .

Zeller, Charles L. Zike, Arthur, Air Force
Died 17 Apr 2015
Zike, Charles A.
Zike, Floyd A. Zike, John D. Zike, Orlie L., Army
Died 2 May 2001
Zike, Raymond Zikes, Harlan H. Zimmer, Jesse W.


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